Zadon drops new track and gears up for SINMAHUI at Esplanade

Friday is the day where musicians release new tracks, and it is not so different for Singaporean bilingual producer-rapper Zadon, whose new track, co-produced by Mat Diamond and Riidem, features Cykko, known for his emo rap tunes. ‘If Only’ is a romanticized, bubble-pop Mandarin banger in which he presents a shoulder to lean on to his loved ones in times of need.  The switches in English and Mandarin chord progressions are catchy and groovy, a fluidity in structure as a result of listening to American hip-hop and mixing it with a Chinese identity.

I wanted a duality in terms of lyrical content where there are both optimistic and pessimistic perspectives. It presents a pleasant dichotomy for me as a songwriter. I have met Cykko a while back and always wanted to work with him on a song. So it is great to have his unique vision on this track.


Some of Zadon’s other hits include being one of the composers of the theme song, Frontline Soldiers for local hit movie, Ah Boys to Men. Other collaborators include Tosh Rock for 你完美 and Sam Rui.

Zadon, J.M3 and Cykko

Together with the rest of the hip-hop crew including Cykko, who began his rap career in 2019, they are coming together for Esplanade’s annual Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2023. This year’s edition is inspired by the Greek myth of Daedalus, and his son Icarus. The same way that man mythologically can take flight, it is with such hope and lightness of being, that just as we are rooted in Singapore, we can be transported to a world beyond wildest imaginations as part of this festival journey.

The inaugural edition of SINMAHUI 新马会 produced by Drink Entertainment will happen on 3 February at Esplanade, featuring a star-studded line-up of Mandarin hip-hop artists from Singapore and across the causeway. Other luminaries to look out for on the line-up include ShiGGa Shay, helming the show, as well as Dato’ Maw, the Malaysian representative of Rap of China 2019.

Get your tickets for SINMAHUI 新马会 here.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture