Alec Benjamin debuts in Singtel’s first-ever Metaverse party

Local telco operator, Singtel, is partnering with SK Telecom from South Korea to present American pop-artist Alec Benjamin as part of their metaverse event “Destination ifland” at the Singtel Comcentre today.

This metaverse platform, ifland, allows users to design their own digital avatars, similar to what was done in IIRC HTML 2.0 days, to chat over virtual concewarts, and enables Singtel and SK Telecom to reach out to a different demographic of audience. Users are also empowered to co-create their own rooms and participate in metaverse activities.

The evolution of the internet is shifting towards a creator economy and immersive virtual worlds. This requires an ultra-low latency network with high-speed connectivity and higher bandwidth to enable the creation and delivery of an enhanced metaverse experience involving multiple users and augmented or virtual reality devices. With SKT, we’re excited to showcase the capabilities of Singtel 5G in enabling innovative ways to engage consumers in the metaverse, such as new product launches, e-gaming, entertainment events and more. In keeping with our focus of delivering unique and meaningful digital experiences to our customers, we’ll be working with our partners to develop and deliver more such use cases that demonstrate the capabilities of our metaverse-ready network.”

Anna Yip, Chief Executive Office, Consumer Singapore, Singtel

“Destination: ifland” is the first instalment in The Meta Guide, a series of metaverse-themed events Singtel plans to develop in collaboration with SKT. The series is aimed at introducing new platforms and experiences in the metaverse for consumers to explore.

More details will be shared in due course on this site.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture