VIDEO: Sean Dowdell from Grey Daze talks about Chester Bennington’s last songs

When Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington reached out to Sean Dowdell, the drummer of his first band Grey Daze, about getting the band back together and recording, he could never have imagined that those would be his last tracks. 

Phoenix-based band Grey Daze has now released those tracks – their first album since 1997 – as an album entitled ‘Amends’. The band had worked with Chester Bennington to re-record their earlier material before his death in 2017, and under the direction of Chester’s wife, finished the work. 

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Grey Daze members with Chester Bennington

Sean, guitarist Christin Davis, and bassist Mace Beyers, together with Chester waded through tracks the band had recorded in the mid-90s, before deciding on the track list for the album. Chester’s vocals were re-recorded in 2019, and the album was produced by Jay Baumgardner.

In an interview with Spin, Sean said about working on the album after Chester’s death: “It literally grinded on me every single day and I could not get it out of my head. I think he was pushing me from beyond to finish it. It just needed to be done, the songs were great. Chester’s performance was great and the world needs to hear him again and in a different light. It took me a while to get to that decision after his death, but I am glad we finished it and I know he is as well.”

Singaporean host Charmain Yee, talks to Sean about the new album and dealing with the death of a friend.


For more information about Grey Daze, go to, and follow the band on Instagram at @greydazeofficial, and follow Sean Dowdell at @Sean_Dowdell.

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