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Dru Chen shares intimate details about his teenage love life

“When I was younger, I would record cover songs onto cassette tapes and give them to my crushes,” reveals Australian singer-songwriter Dru Chen. “I was such an introvert as a 15-year-old that instead of going out on Friday nights, I would sit down, dissect and re-record every single vocal in the opera bit of Bohemian Rhapsody,” he tells PopSpoken.

Dru unveiled a new music video on 26th March, in which he plays a bare-bones version of his song Replay in a throwback-style bedroom.

“All my memories came flooding back, and I instantly felt like a kid again, writing those innocent songs on my guitar at a simple age. What I’d give to spend a day back in the 90’s,” remarks Dru of his experience filming his new music video.

This soulful music video features Dru singing about memories of an unnamed lover. Replay was a collaborative writing effort between Dru, Gentle Bones, Jesse Bear and Kathy Hinch.

Young Dru and his mother sharing a precious moment.

“Sonically, we wanted to give our listeners a different interpretation of ‘Replay’—stripped of all the studio layering and production. It harkens back to the very first time I heard Jesse perform the song with his co-writer Kathy—raw and unplugged on his acoustic guitar and her voice.”

Jasmine Sokko films a new multimedia music video in one night

Singaporean music sensation Jasmine Sokko released a new music video on 22nd March, entitled Medusa. This YouTube video is the first single off Jasmine’s new EP, which is scheduled to be fully released later this year.

“In the beginning, I was inspired by Maya Angelou’s quote ‘I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.’ This line is my source of courage to stand strong on my own two feet when I am about to face a challenge. I wanted to capture the idea of strength through this music video,” discloses the mutli-talented Singaporean stalwart.

Filmed overnight in the National Gallery Singapore, Medusa splices energetic dance scenes with animated scenes illustrated by animator Lucy Lin.

Diehard fans of Jasmine Sokko might notice that she debuts a new mask in the Medusa music video, which was handmade by Singaporean designer Josiah Chua and is nicknamed Nagini, after the legendary serpents of Asian mythology.

“Jasper (Tan of Vadbibes) came onboard and conceptualised an edgy and dark narrative, which complemented the mood of the dance sequence, choregraphed by Ahmad Kamil from O School. There is something eccentric and alluring about Jasper’s craft, which I am glad to finally have a chance to experience.”

Craving for more musical soul food from the local scene? Check out these recently released music videos.

Singapore and Bristol musicians to release an R-rated UK drill-style rap this Friday

Yeti Pack member Yello DiCaprio will be releasing a new rap single in the style of UK drill on 9th April. Launching on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Tidal, Lost In The Sin was made in collaboration with local producer WhiskiiCat and Bristol-based rapper A Slash. Inspired by the oft-frowned-upon kinds of sensuality that films and books like 50 Shades of Gray and 365 Days are themed on, this UK drill-style track is driven by a melodic beat composed by international producer Chris Rich. Its chorus is sung by its producer WhiskiiCat.

“I’ve been a big fan of grime, drill and UK hip-hop for time and I’ve been a huge Chris Rich fan since I heard Ei8ht Mile by DigDat and Aitch. I played Chris’s beat for A Slash and he asked me if I’ve watched 365 Days and 50 Shades of Grey—boom. That’s how we ended up writing a whole drill tune about forbidden love,” reveals Yello.

Yello DiCaprio and A Slash.

“This song is about lust, love and mistakes,” says A Slash, a self-described street poet whose raps discuss his unique life experiences. “Yello and I have a load of musical projects coming up soon,” says the British musician, who recently moved back to the UK from Singapore, but continues to collaborate with Singaporean musicians via the Internet.

While Yeti Pack has been on hiatus, Yello DiCaprio has been recording and releasing music on his own, and divulges that he will be releasing another single with local musician Knwn at the end of April entitled Black Skinny Jeans.

Listen to Yello DiCaprio’s music here / A Slash’s music here / WhiskiiCat’s music here.

Yung Raja celebrates women and his Indian heritage with Mami.

The Great Singapore Replay Artists, which includes artistes like Tim De Cotta, Namie, Marian Carmel, Aeriqah, The Cold Cut Duo, Fingerfunk, Whirring, Marcus李俊緯, Zalelo and Rene, just released a medley and music video entitled Be Alright.

Local poet Vivien Yap has released a three-song EP entitled I Love You.

And legendary local band Electrico recorded a live music video in Pasir Panjang Power Station for their 2008 song, Shadow.

Featured image from Dru’s music video.


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