Def Jam SEA Hip Hop Artist ALYPH Returns With Smashing New Single

 “I’m not branding myself as the best at anything so I would really hope that they see that what matters is the thought being put behind an idea before materialising it,” professes Def Jam Southeast Asia hitmaker ALYPH as he humbly embraces a new sonic direction towards contemporary R&B with a sense of dark cinematography in his latest single “Adakah Kau Mendengar?” accompanied with a visually arresting music video. 

No newcomer to the music scene, ALYPH’s discography has amassed a whooping 45 million streams on Spotify and 218 million views on YouTube and counting. Balancing his career both as a solo artist and producer for music icons such as Joe Flizzow, Kaka Azraff, K-Clique, Zizan Razak, De Fam and Adira, the artist-producer who goes by his production alias Magic Potions stands at the forefront of hip hop in Singapore. The Singaporean born rapper & songwriter previously worked on a collaborative album with French-Malaysian singer-songwriter SonaOne back in 2018 and released an original song ‘Rise‘ in conjunction with the hit movie Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker earlier this year.

Now, the ‘PUN BOLEH’ singer-songwriter has rebranded back to his famed moniker ALYPH and is returning with a new sound that promises to be intensely intimate with a deeper look in the mind and pysche of ALYPH, in continuation of his burgeoning legacy of standing out from factory-made pop in the industry. The single brings a universality that is not defined by a particular topic and accompanied with tension, as expressed in the music and lyrics, in documenting the struggles between freedom and escapism of the current pandemic-ridden world.

The beautiful thing about music is emotions. This piece was written semi-fiction, a little of what I was feeling but more of getting my story out to an audience that fully understands it with all of the different experiences in their lives. I did not go through a heartbreak,  I did go through some dark times on my own though.’

ALYPH on creating ‘Adakah Kau Mendengar?’

When questioned about the the power of music and its ability to influence culture (think K-pop, hip hop and rap), ALYPH professes to be doing everything in his power to preserve Malay music by bringing accessible music to the masses instead of focusing on audience of his cultural background and heritage. “There are many other artists who make that a priority. I’m in the progression fight. While culture is cared for at home by others, I’m here to bring it out into the world so that the culture would be able to sustain forever,’ claims the homegrown producer who has recently produced for fellow Def Jam SEA signees Yung Raja and Fariz Jabba on singles ‘Amazing‘ and ‘Dari Sini‘ respectively.

Through his recent name change and journey since releasing music four years ago, ALYPH confesses: “I’m the same ALYPH overall, just more aware of the world around me. I empathise and feel a lot more. I consciously decide where I want to position myself in life and in music.” It would seem that the humble musician is grateful for fans who have trusted and grown with him even as they eagerly anticipate his next wave of releases in the coming year.

Adakah Kau Mendengar?’ marks the start of ALYPH releasing a larger body of work that showcases a more vulnerable and raw side in addition to his solo catalogue. He bravely ventures into deeper artistry than his usual role as a producer for artistes and it is paying off with the positive response over the single thus far. He concludes in explanation of the motivation behind the themes of the song: 

“I am very realistic – I know that as much as there are happy endings, sometimes, there are no happy endings. It’s like art: There’s no explanation as to why that’s the case, it just is. I want the effect of “Adakah Kau Mendengar?” to be prolonged: When you listen back to it at any time, at any age, it still works”.


Stream and watch “Adakah Kau Mendengar?” now or follow ALYPH’s music journey here


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