Jaye Foo Breaks New Ground With Choose-Your-Adventure Virtual Game and Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

Artist and entrepreneur jaye is setting a new bar in the local scene through his thematic songs and graphic visuals while championing mental health causes, portraying a natural comfort in embracing characters and themes of the horror genre. Previously going under the moniker AZN SEN$ATION, the singer-songwriter now goes by the alias jaye and has accumulated over 3.5 million views on Youtube to date, pushing the envelope by outdoing himself with each release. From his debut single ‘TOMORROW” to the interactive choose your own adventure music video for his latest single ‘ADHD’, jaye’s latest endeavour is a PC horror promo game featuring the clown protagonist from his debut music video for ‘TOMORROW’. If you need more thrilling games like this, you might want to try sites such as 제왕카지노.

As a big fan of horror games, I have always wanted to produce one of my own. I decided to bring elements of my single “Tomorrow” into this game. I worked with a small game studio and released it in a matter of months,” comments the multi-hyphenate artist.

Since then, the game has received thousands of downloads with notable YouTubers such as Kubz Scouts, Annoying Orange Gaming and Alpha Beta Gamer playing it.

Getting his start in music as a DJ in night clubs, jaye dabbled in folk-rock and funk before DJ-ing for an X-factor finalist. Since then, he has developed into an entrepreneur, having opened The Parlour Seoul (a cafe, bar & live space) and The Music Parlour Singapore (jamming & recording studio). His most recent project is The Parlour Singapore, a creative shophouse deemed as the ‘next one-stop multi-disciplinary creative ecosystem’ opened in late October.

I think fashion allows you to give a strong first impression and give people a taste of your personality without even speaking. Music, the universal language, helps you express and communicate your emotions to anyone listening. Being creative has helped me accept and express who I am.”

To make it in music, artists of the modern age are expected to hold multiple hats and jaye balances his various music and business enterprises competently. With the support of his wife Nicholette and their five pet animals, the previously UK-based Singaporean is slowly building an empire most creatives would dream of. By combining his love for fashion, enterprise and music, jaye executes a laser-like artistic vision that translates in all his ventures. Yet through it all, jaye seems to be headed towards giving back by building his craft and business around community and wellness, in full acknowledgement of the power and healing that music and the arts can bring.

Proceeds from his merchandise have & will be donated to associated welfare organisations such as  The Society for the Promotion of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Research & Knowledge (Spark), Alzheimer’s Disease Association Singapore & Samaritans of Singapore.

Having struggled with mental health, I knew I wanted to raise awareness as well as connect with others who might be on this journey,” expressed the ‘Vibe of the Year’ nominee of the 2020 Youth Music Awards.

Although alcohol addiction, suicidal ideation and depression may have plagued jaye over the years since his nightlife days straddling between gigs, he remains candid about his struggles in his lyrics.

“It’s not so bad, oh don’t be sad, drink some red baby. I’ll be dead, tomorrow.” – ‘TOMORROW’ by jaye.

With an international appeal, succinct branding and just 3 singles in his bag, jaye is reinventing interactivity in storytelling where no local musician has yet to explore by producing progressive visual formats in support of his music such as IG games and interactive short films. His vision has been established with the help of Bless7Up who has worked with local artists Jon Chua JX, Estelle Fly and HYBRD on music videos.

Make sure you build a team around you. Don’t try doing everything yourself, it’s impossible to do it well. I believe that it’s all about innovating and coming up new ideas that can relate with your market,” reflects jaye on advice on pursuing entrepreneurship and music.

Describing his brand and style as ‘wild, wacky, wonderful’, the ‘DEJAVU’ singer demonstrates his artistry by fully documenting and embracing his struggles with mental health in his art. His music can be referenced to alternative pop-rock duo Twenty One Pilots, but jaye is forging his own lane by using social media as an extension of his non-linear consciousness with its organised multi-photo collage grids and visually arresting videos. He closes with a quote on how he feels artist should approach their craft moving forward, “collaboration over competition and try as many things as you can.”

Visit The Parlour Singapore or download ‘Tomorrow the Game‘ today.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture