Legacy Festival: Singapore’s Smoothest Music Festival This Year

It has been a tricky year for major music festivals in Singapore.

Crowd control issues and “unforeseen circumstances” seem to be the two major hiccups that plagued a number of music festivals here throughout the year.  Then came A New Dawn.


Legacy Festival, held from 7-8 December at Siloso Beach and organised by AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd, stood out as relatively mishap-free and smooth, despite it being in its inaugural version.

It had big shoes to fill as Singapore’s newest EDM music festival, especially considering that it took the early-December weekend slot at Siloso Beach, which has been the typical location and weekend of ZoukOut for many years. However, the festival still stood true to its vision of providing an experience that is “all-inclusive” and “for the masses”, starting with their competitive festival ticket prices.

The setup of the festival was straightforward and simple, making the experience similarly clean for festival-goers who were just looking for a good time while seeing their favourite DJs.

Coming on the heels of the various festival mishaps of 2019 as listed above, Legacy Festival’s predictability and transparency was a huge sigh of relief for those who bought tickets and took a chance on the festival’s first edition.


In an email interview with Legacy Festival Director, DJ Andrew T, a producer-artiste with AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd, he mentioned that Legacy Festival prides itself as a “very local initiative”.

“From production, planning, programming, design, it’s about how we create a locally produced festival of international standard, and getting as much local talent as we can involved,” said Andrew.

He also briefly touched on the future of Legacy Festival for the years to come.

When asked to share more about the technology theme for Legacy Festival 2019, Andrew commented that the stages will “grow from year to year in terms of tech, AV and AI”.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of what Legacy Festival will bring to the table for Singapore’s music festival culture.

But in the meantime, we’re hoping that the music festival hiccups in 2019, stays in 2019.



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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture