SMU Student By Day, DJ By Night: The Best Set at Ultra Singapore 2017 Probably Went To MYRNE

At only 22 years of age, Manfred Lim, better known as MYRNE, has graced major EDM concerts like Djakarta Wavehouse Project (DWP) and most recently, Ultra Singapore 2017.

By day, he is a Singapore Management University (SMU) student. By night, MYRNE spins at Zouk and other regional clubs. Since being signed by Mad Decent, the imprint of Grammy Award-winning DJ Diplo, MYRNE has carved out a name for himself by standing out with his sound.

Ultra Singapore 2017 - Photo taken by aLIVE Coverage (4)

At Ultra Singapore 2016, MYRNE spun on the Main Stage with a DJ set that he claims to feel “really bad about”. This year, MYRNE returned with a completely different and unique set on the Live Stage, where other local artists like Jasmine Sokko and Sam Rui played to a hyped-up crowd.

Popspoken caught up with MYRNE at the Ultra backstage to get an inside scoop on his future plans and the set he was to play that day.


Popspoken: Hey MYRNE! You’ve played both regionally and locally. What do you think is unique to Singapore ravers?

They come out kind of late and stay there the whole night. They go from club to club to club.

Popspoken: So they club hop?

Yeah, they do!

Popspoken: Any pre or post set rituals?

I think I pray to an altar of Avicii before my set. I don’t drink too much before a show, maybe just a coffee or red bull to get the blood flowing.

Popspoken: So, Avicii is your favourite DJ?

Yeah, I have a photo frame of Avicii in my room with flowers and candles.

Popspoken: Complete this sentence: Your ultimate goal is to play at _____?


Image: Colossal Photos
Image: Colossal Photos

Popspoken: But you’ve played at Ultra last year as well?

Well, alright. I think my ultimate dream is to play at a festival like Coachella.

Popspoken: What about Tomorrowland?

Well, I think it will be good as well but maybe just one of the smaller ones.

Popspoken: With the news of Kyo closing down, what spells the future of Singapore’s rave scene?

Oh man, yeah, I just got the word. I think the EDM bubble in Singapore and the entire world is starting to shrink and artists should start putting something new on the table and offer something more interesting that’s not like a regular club night.

I think Emo Night in Singapore, they’re doing a very cool kind of culture, and throwbacks. I think that is alternative and people like it, it’s fresh and new. So that’s definitely the way, its not just electronic anymore, it’s just all kinds of music that has got to take the lead.

Popspoken: So were you at Emo Night?

Nah, I was rehearsing for Ultra.

Popspoken: So how are you making your music fresh, new and interesting?

I don’t try to listen to too much EDM, so I don’t know what’s hot right now. But I just like to get inspired by my own songs and just try to improve on them. I also try to get inspiration from very old and a vast majority of genres – totally unrelated genres like Indie Pop and try to put it into my music.

Popspoken: Great! Last question: you were at last year’s Ultra, how would you compare last year’s Ultra to this year’s Ultra?

I think to compare it, one’s much later. Also, doing a lot of interesting live things because I am on the Live Stage. Last year, I did a simple DJ set and felt really bad about it.

This year, I am bringing a few singers on like Jasmine Sokko and Sam Rui. They’re good friends of mine and we love making music. I’ll be bringing them on stage for a song or two, just to showcase my friends and to do something different from a “hands-in-the-air” DJ set.

Popspoken: So you will be playing your set later on, how different will your set be? What are we to expect?

I am a pretty unbiased person but I think it is going to be the best set at Ultra.

Photo credits: Colossal Photos  and MYRNE


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