Ultra Singapore 2016: Local Ravers On 10:30PM Ending, Local Lineup And Expectations For Ultra Weekend

Just a few more sleeps to EDM event of the year, Ultra Singapore 2016!

In light of the upcoming dance event happening on 10-11 September at UltraPark (Marina Bayfront), Popspoken spoke to several Ultra-goers on what they are wearing, which DJs they are especially looking forward to see and what they think could further improve this year’s Ultra.

Photo: Miami New Times
Photo: Miami New Times

1. What look are you going for at Ultra Singapore 2016? (Or what’s one cool accessory you’ll be wearing?!)

Venus Chua, 22 (@hellovenuss): I haven’t decided on what I’ll be dressed up in but you can be sure it’ll be party-worthy. I’m going to be strutting around in my trusty Chelsea boots – you don’t want people to be stomping all over your toes, no thanks.

Nabil, 21 (@ispeakamericano): I’m going for a total coachella x hawaiian vibe with a tinge of hipster + gonna be on top Tyra Banks style look this year. It’s okay to look out of place once a while, just to show that you’re human.

Evan Woon, 24 (@evanwoonisaacs): I’ll be going for a laidback, cool, festival (cos it is a music festival) look this year, and I’ll probably wear a floral shirt.

Justin Choong, 22 (@justinchongzy): Beach rave

Eddy Yeo, 23 (@eddyyjh): Casual looking indie wear

Andriel Yew, 21 (@andrielywh): Beach rave/ casual

Ng Yi Yang, 20 (@ngyiyang): Definitely going for this festival in beachwear. the weather is going to be sweltering especially so in the afternoon so I’ll definitely be going to be dressed in clothes that are light and airy and won’t be stained by sweat.And a cap and loads of sunblock.

Cheryl Ang, 20 (@cheryl.ang): A close friend and I have prepared matching punk rock looks that consist of Slayer muscle tanks and choker necklaces. But most defintely, our look was mainly driven by comfort and WE ARE READY to dance the night away.

Vivian Loo, 20 (@vlhwx): Beach rave!

Photo: Ultra Singapore Facebook

2. Which music acts are you looking forward to see the most at Ultra Singapore 2016, and why?

Venus Chua, 22 (@hellovenuss): Definitely Alesso, especially after his set at Road to Ultra Singapore last year that left me wanting more. I’m looking forward to catching W&W and the legendary Axwell & Ingrosso as well!

Nabil, 21 (@ispeakamericano): To be honest, I was looking forward to the likes of The Chainsmokers and Major Lazer here but as of right now it’s gonna be DJ Snake because he’s making himself known to the world, dropping hits after hits and doesn’t seem to be fluctuating at any time. Secondly, I’m looking forward to W&W because who knows what they’ve been doing during their hiatus but I know their tracks are literally gonna blow the speakers to shreds. Lastly, Carnage; because his stage name is dope enough as it is and his style is more of a heavy drop and that’s what most of us are going for because we definitely didn’t pay to sit and stargaze.

Evan Woon, 24 (@evanwoonisaacs): Myrne, deadmau5 and Carnage. Myrne because hes one of Singapore’s best producers to be signed to an international label, deadmau5 because I loved his 4×4=12 album and carnage because I love his heavy trap beats.

Eddy Yeo, 23 (@eddyyjh): Above & Beyond because it’s one of my favourite trance groups from UK that I wanna catch live.

Andriel Yew, 21 (@andrielywh):  Alesso, w&w, deadmau, axwell & ingresso. Reason is because I’ve been listening to house music for a few years and they’re my favorite artists!!

Ng Yi Yang, 20 (@ngyiyang): Defnitely looking forward to hearing Alesso play! Every song on his debut album was perfection and I’m excited to finally be able to see him play live here.

Cheryl Ang, 20 (@cheryl.ang): Some of the musical acts that I am looking forward to see this year would include DJ Snake, Axwell Ingrosso, Marshmello and Alesso. I have heard so many amazing things about DJ Snake and Axwell Ingrosso, them having played at Zoukout before. I am excited to see how different their set is compared to Zoukout. Marshmello would be one of the highlights of the night as I am looking forward to see the background lights for his set. He shares quite a similar sound to Porter Robinson and Robinson never fails to disappoint with the most adorable and incredible background lights during his set so I am quite stoked to see how Marshmello’s set goes. I was at Road to Ultra last year and really enjoyed Alesso’s set so I am glad he is back to play for us again.

Vivian Loo, 20 (@vlhwx): Axwell^Ingrosso, Kygo, Marshmello and Afrojack! They’re familiar names from Zoukout and it’ll be nice to see them again!

Sebastian Teo, 23 (@supremesebas): Marshmello, because it’s his first time performing in Singapore and I’m a big fan of OWSLA’s producers and artistes.

Photo: Ultra Singapore Facebook
Photo: Ultra Singapore Facebook

3. Considering that the event hours of Ultra Singapore 2016 are pretty early (12nn – 1030pm), does it still feel like a dance music festival?

Venus Chua, 22 (@hellovenuss): Definitely the same good vibes – albeit a little hotter and a little sweatier, but good vibes nonetheless.

Nabil, 21 (@ispeakamericano): Definitely not, absolutely fucking not. Literally, I mean l i t e r a l l y after the festival, I can make my way to Zouk or Avalon for a second round of partying and that itself shows that Ultra has failed but I wouldn’t blame them. Singapore itself is a country whereby rules are imposed because everyone can’t stand the sight of one another having fun. That is why our country can’t have good/fun/amazing things.

Evan Woon, 24 (@evanwoonisaacs): I think its a good thing. This way, more time can be allocated to the other acts to perform, as well as dedicate more time to the supporting acts.

Justin Choong, 22 (@justinchongzy): It would still be amazing and wild nonetheless but the shift to end at 1030 is gonna be a real downer since its too early to go for afterparties or what not but still it’s Singapore’s first ever full ultra.

Eddy Yeo, 23 (@eddyyjh): It’s prolly gonna get crowd and messy since its the first time they are holding a day-night EDM fest in SG accompanied with the hot weather.

Andriel Yew, 21 (@andrielywh): The timing is screwed. I heard that it’s because of the 1030pm alcohol rule. But if the music is good, it doesn’t matter to me.

Ng Yi Yang, 20 (@ngyiyang): It certainly feels more like a music festival like Laneway more than a dance music festival but I doubt it will stop anyone from getting drunk in the midday sun and partying till sundown. The only problem will be that visual effects like pyrotechnics and lasers will not be as stunning as at night.

Cheryl Ang, 20 (@cheryl.ang): Sadly, I would have liked the event to end much later into the night but I guess these are the necessary precautions an EDM Music Festival has to take, or else something like Future Music Festival Asia’s cancellation would happen.

Vivian Loo, 20 (@vlhwx): Of course the feels will be different. Normally these events should be at night, so that the weather is more chill and party-friendly… When the sun is out the party feels might be lost. Hopefully the music will be good.

Sebastian Teo, 23 (@supremesebas): Personally I’ve been to the previous Road To Ultra and although the stage was indoor, the energy was still there. However this year, with an open air concept and the partying starts before the sun sets, kinda gives off the same energy and vibe like the annual Tomorrowland.

Cally, 21 (@cabenaki): “And after I unwrapped myself from the Singaporean flag I got around my waist earlier, I looked up from the ground to see flashlights in my face, illuminating my melting makeup and shattered illusions about the night. Around me cups of drinks were being poured on the grass. It was 10.30pm. The night was over.”

Photo: Ultra Singapore Facebook
Photo: Ultra Singapore Facebook

4. Are you aware that there is a promising lineup of Singaporean music acts at Ultra Singapore 2016? Do you intend to catch them?

Venus Chua, 22 (@hellovenuss): Hell yea! I love that there is a whole stage dedicated to local acts, for them to gain more exposure to an international community of music-lovers. Personally, I’m really excited about catching Myrne spin live, have been hearing so much about him and his sets!

Nabil, 21 (@ispeakamericano): Yes I am aware but sorry (not sorry) to say, I didn’t pay to watch local acts perform in conjunction with what I actually spent my money on. If you’re telling me that our local acts will perform during the break and not concurrently, then yes, of course I will check them out; “support local” as they say.

Evan Woon, 24 (@evanwoonisaacs): Yes I am aware, and I intend to catch Myrne, koflow and oliver osbourne at the local stages.

Justin Choong, 22 (@justinchongzy): Yeap. Do have the intentions to catch the sam willows

Eddy Yeo, 23 (@eddyyjh): Nope, because I’m here to catch the international acts.

Andriel Yew, 21 (@andrielywh):  I’m only interested in the renowned DJs.

Ng Yi Yang, 20 (@ngyiyang): Yes, I am absolutely stoked to be able to see Singapore acts play at Ultra! In fact I’ll probably be giving the first part of Kygo a miss so that I can enjoy the whole set of The Sam Willows.

Cheryl Ang, 20 (@cheryl.ang): Yes! Quite stoked to see myrne and Lion City Boy light up the stage and I am so glad they get to share the stage with such huge names.

Vivian Loo, 20 (@vlhwx): I didn’t know. But I would check them out.

Sebastian Teo, 23 (@supremesebas): Yeah definitely! I’ve watched The Sam Willows perform at the Hard Rock Coliseum and I’m looking forward to catching them live again.


5. Are you expecting anything unexpected at Ultra Singapore 2016 this weekend?

Venus Chua, 22 (@hellovenuss): I’m HOPING there’ll be surprises like a special DJ popping up (Garrix pretty please?) but other than that, I’m just looking forward to a weekend of crazy raving and good music!

Nabil, 21 (@ispeakamericano): I’m expecting The Chainsmokers and Major Lazer to make a surprise act (not together of course; for now) but I’m hoping they change the timings to a party of night till day because Ultra and other international music festivals like Tomorrowland are absolutely famous for their pyrotechnics and fireworks so how are we gonna catch them when the festival starts mid-day; with all the headlining acts spinning first, while leaving the best part of the show to the non-headliners. I’m not saying nobody will stay to watch them but not everyone will enter as soon as the gates open so this is exactly the problem I know they’ll face.

Evan Woon, 24 (@evanwoonisaacs): I expect ultra sg to be full of surprises, hopefully emulating those of other countries. One thing I fully appreciated from last year’s ultra was the smooth crowd control and management of traffic.

Justin Choong, 22 (@justinchongzy): Not really anything unexpected but hey its the first ever full ultra!

Andriel Yew, 21 (@andrielywh): I am expecting Hardwell as special guest appearance.

Ng Yi Yang, 20 (@ngyiyang): Really hoping that there’ll be water points to drink water. or cheap drinks perhaps? Maybe the weather will be cool. Or maybe it’ll even drizzle a bit.

Cheryl Ang, 20 (@cheryl.ang): Sadly, no. I expect the organizers to follow everything to the tee and play it safe, being that this is the first time Ultra is being held in Singapore. However, it’ll be great if there are any!

Vivian Loo, 20 (@vlhwx): *whines* I want Hardwell.

Sebastian Teo, 23 (@supremesebas): UMF is the festival everyone knows throughout the world, and since it’s their first full-out event in Singapore I’m sure there will be plenty of unexpected things compared to the annual ZoukOut at Siloso beach.


Disclaimer: The above views are not representative of Popspoken. Interviewees were notified of having their responses potentially published.

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