Five Things To Know About Synth-Rock Experts Enterprise Before Good Vibes 2016

Ah Enterprise. The cool, effortless synth-rock outfit that opened for Singapore’s edition of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival last year. The band whose vocalist sounds a tad like Joy Division’s Ian Curtis.

The band, who incidentally will be part of the solid gold line-up for this year’s Good Vibes Festival 2016.

A few months ago, the four-piece released a music video for Cécile La Lumière, a song hinting a move towards a more M83-sounding, atmospheric direction. We talk to the guys and list out five things you should know about the band before their set this Saturday.

1.  The band was given the rock star treatment during their Laneway 2015 set

They say:

Oh yeah, we had the best experience ever as a band. We were treated equally with the other International acts and Singaporean acts. We stayed at a 5 star hotel with the rest of the acts along with our crew, and free everything, clothes, breakfast, shuttle, private backstage room with locks and luxurious artist village complete with all day long buffet and bar. Apart from being treated like Kings, we made friends with the likes of Chet Faker, Samuel from Future Island, Ponderers boys, Mac DeMarco and .gif. Our performance was one of the best we had, on and off the stage, it sounded epic. The feedback we got from Laneway and our fans were excellent and they hoped we could perform at a later hour. Nonetheless, we were grateful to open for Laneway 2015.

2. Their next album will feature an instrument used in horror films

They say:

We are finishing up our Album titled “Episode Two : Fantastic Planets”. The type of genre for each song within the album is going to be different musically. The genre is totally different than Episode One. In this up and coming album, most of the influences would come from 80’s synth-electro pop era and rock. Meaning to say, there would be cheesy guitar solos, cosmic synths and theremins from horror movies. So get some nachos when you want to listen to the album.

3. The band enjoys listening to Michael Jackson, Yuna, and Joe Flizzow during their free time

When asked what acts they’re currently listening to,

They say:

Jaggfuzzbeats, Ramayan, Pastel Lite, Yuna, Joe Flizzow, Leo Ari, Lust, Laila’s Lounge, Anamida and Michael Jackson.

4. Their new song features a mixture of time-travel and space bending

They say:

Our song Cécile La Lumière is a combination of influences from not only dreamy synth-pop, also sci-fi romance movies and video games soundtrack. We tried to capture the essence of space bending and time travelling in a teenager’s point of view where the mind is much more delicate and decisive decisions must be made to determine ones destination in life. Fear of the future is part of growing up, and without a clue of what to do to make it right, Cécile determined her own future by helping her younger self in the past.

5. They want (in their own words) to build a spaceship in a live setting

They say:

The adaptation of electronic sounds in a live band has been challenging for us to perform at local venues with limited backline and front of house equipments. So to experience a full on Enterprise, you would have to come to our shows at a big music festival. There we can go all out with the performance without trimming down our set. If we have unlimited resources, we can build a spaceship that could challenge International artists in terms of a great performance.

This article is in the third of four leading up to Good Vibes Music Festival. Watch this space for more interviews in the near future!
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