5 Possible Plot Lines For Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” Video

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In an unexpected move, 2015’s Queen of Pop Taylor Swift has announced one more music video from the “1989” era, the album named after the year of her birth. With the return of Adele and other contemporaries in the latter half of 2015, it was widely believed that the final stop of Taytay’s “1989 World Tour” (Melbourne!) would be the last that we would hear from the record-smashing era.

One tour documentary aside, Taylor’s new (and hopefully last, she’s smart enough) music video signifies that she’s come full circle. “Out Of The Woods“, that expertly-produced synthpop track that was released as a countdown single two weeks before the full album hit stores worldwide last year, will now become the sixth official single off “1989”, after the breathy “Wildest Dreams“.

Farewell, 1989 World Tour. 💔❤️ A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

After gushing about Taylor the whole damn year, we thought it’ll be perfect to offer up some calculated guesses on the video’s plot. Will awkward dancing take centre stage a la “Shake It Off“? Can we expect more golf club violence like what we saw in “Blank Space“? Style” was boring let’s just face it. How about 100 celebrity cameos “Bad Blood“-style? Whatever it is, the forest/trees element is definitely a strong possibility. Here are our 5 predictions:

1) A Hotel Room Dance-Off

Yes, just like Queen Bey’s “7/11“! Wouldn’t it be nice to start and end off the entire “1989” era with Taylor Swift’s Awkward Dancing™? She’s already used to performing on a runway stage, so what’s stopping her (and her dancers) from performing a whole routine along the hotel corridors? Alcohol optional.

2) A #1989WorldTour Concert Video

As nice as this idea is, it’s probably not gonna happen. You’ll have to stream it on Apple Music because that’s how capitalism works.

3) Surprise Acoustic Version

It’s been more than a year since the album came out, which means everyone’s already familiar with every song, even the deluxe tracks! How will Taylor shake things up? By releasing an acoustic version!

With no ballad that’s in the same vein as “All Too Well” off the previous album, “Out Of The Woods” might be able to accomplish that stripped-down vibe. What better way to end off an album than with a fresh, new version of a popular favourite?

4) Lots And Lots Of Paper Planes

As much as everyone tries to deny it, we all know this song is about #Haylor – that ill-fated ship that had promised to bring two fandoms together. Taylor could try to bring the explicitly-detailed lyrics to life, bringing literal events and objects back from their metaphorical state.

We all just want to see a snowmobile crash, don’t we?


5) Dramatic Running Through Misty Forest (ft. Lorde?)

Possibly the most likely guess here; think the Tumblr aesthetic of “Style” but with a more driven plot. It makes sense because she sings “woods” a grand total of 38 times in the song. Thematically, you really can’t go wrong there.

As for Lorde (and we’re just wishing here), her absence from the “Bad Blood” music video was rather surprising, considering how close she is with Taylor. With Lorde’s sophomore album in the works, could Taylor be planning to pass the Pop crown to the indie pop princess, just in time for a 2016 release? It would be a great way to start off the new year…


Which music video idea seems most likely to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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