Bring Me the Horizon Are Truly Rock and Roll, and Here’s Why

Bring Me the Horizon are a band on a mission. Over the last decade, the Brits have gone from spastic deathcore to… a brand of rock that the band feels fully comfortable playing. Ignore the metal purists and circle pit pitters pitting against each other and you may actually start enjoying the craft and dedication on Bring Me the Horizon’s recent albums.

Lead singer Oliver Sykes was content with the band playing what they love instead of writing rehashes of past releases: “I think they are all the better for not being laced with breakdowns and constant screaming,” he said of the songs on Bring Me the Horizon’s latest full length That’s The Spirit.

Bring me the Horizon’s approach to music is as rock and roll as it gets, doing what they love in the face of disapproval.


The change in sound was evident in 2010’s There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen it. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret, and the album was met with shaking heads from the metal community.

If anything, There is a Hell… personified Bring Me the Horizon’s grappling with the metalcore public over acceptance. If that wasn’t enough, the band had to deal with the departure of arguably the most accomplished metalcore guitarist in Jona Weinhofen, and they responded in quickfire fashion, adding sessionist Jordan Fish to their ranks. As the primary songwriter, Fish has been behind the ever-changing Bring Me the Horizon sound.


“We don’t listen to extreme deathcore anymore,” Fish explains the shift in musical direction.

One might even mistake 2007’s Count Your Blessings and That’s The Spirit as separate releases from two distinct bands. In fact, Bring Me the Horizon has never staked claims as bearers of the metalcore torch.

But that has never been the end goal for the Sheffield based quartet – Sykes and crew have traversed the auditory buffet that is rock and roll. Sure, you get the odd breakdown in their newer songs, but it is a far cry from their deathcore roots a la Count Your Blessings. There’s more singing, and That’s the Spirit signalled Bring Me the Horizon’s permanent change in songwriting direction – you’re more likely to see the band featured on a tour alongside Enter Shikari instead of Whitechapel.

That’s the Spirit has turned heads for the right reasons too, earning Bring Me the Horizon headline spots on Leeds and Reading Festivals, and selling out Wembley.

They’re well on their way to being one of the biggest bands in the world, but before they do, you can catch them playing in Singapore next year.

Event Details: Bring Me the Horizon – Live In Singapore

When: 28 January 2016, 8pm

Where: *SCAPE Playspace

Ticket Price: $108 (Standard), $98 (exact 5 tickets for Group Booking) here or through all SISTIC channels

Image Credits: YouTube, Reddit, Kerrang

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