Katy Perry Loves Singapore “Unconditionally” And Wants To Learn Singlish

Words were spilled by Katy Perry herself right before breaking into her soulful single, Unconditionally. It was an intensely emotional night for KatyCats (nickname for Katy’s fans), having to take in all the powerful vocals and electrifying theatrics delivered at her second Singapore show.

I dedicate this next song to you. It’s not easy to get here to Singapore, but when I say I’m coming, I’m coming. I love you unconditionally.

The Prismatic World Tour is Katy’s third concert tour, in support of her fourth studio album, Prism (2013). The tour began on May 7, 2014 and the Asia leg of her world tour is set from April – May 2015.

After opening the show with Roar and Part Of Me in a neon-clad theme, Katy then transported the audience to the mystical land of Egypt with her crowd-favourite, Dark Horse – on a horse! This was the moment most KatyCats were waiting for, to finally see the famous Prismatic horse emerging with Katy on it.

Photo: MTV Asia

A hilarious animated video interlude shows a cat being transported from the Pyramids of Giza to “Kittywood”. Katy the emerges wearing a bright pink catsuit, accompanied by her dancers wearing similar cat costumes. Here, she performs Hot N Cold and International Smile, two catchy tunes that got everyone singing along.

Photo: Sheryl Teo for Popspoken

Katy’s back up dancers are so impressive, they almost entirely stole the show whenever Katy was backstage. They all had killer props and really elaborate costumes, so much that it made us feel like we were watching a theatrical production instead of a pop concert. Katy’s backup dancers, band members and stage design all worked together to present an altogether spectacular concert.

Katy then goes into catwalk style across the narrow stage that stretches into the crowd, saying “Singapore, I know your fashion week is coming up”, before launching into a full-fledged fashion show with her backup dancers in jaw-dropping costumes.

An energetic first half of Katy’s catchiest songs, Katy starts to properly converse with the audience. She came out from the backstage and greeted us formally for the first time that night, and spouted a random “YAAASSS” and “SLAY” three times before a witty “Are you going to turn this into a gif?”

Katy then comments about how it was a pity she does not speak our language even though she has visited before, and then much to the audience’s amusement, offered: “Someone should come up here and teach me. I want a Singapore native.”

A lucky fan from the standing pit, Ryan, was brought on stage and shared a long hug with Katy herself. He shared with Katy a few common Mandarin/Singlish words like “ni hao”, “gam sia” and “xie xie” before they shared the most special moment on stage together – they took a selfie together, of course!

Photo: Sheryl Teo for Popspoken

Wearing a sunflower-themed dress, Katy goes on to perform slower songs, with a beautiful mashup of “The One That Got Away” and “Thinking of You” both in acoustic versions. She also performs By The Grace Of God, going down on her knees while singing the bridge of her spiritually-inspired song. Her soulful, powerful and sincere vocals were undeniable and incredibly convincing live.

Announcing that the Singapore show was the 140th Prismatic World Tour show, Katy Perry thanks her Singapore fans for their patience for waiting for her to come to our sunny little island. She bends down to the crowd and receives stacks of fan mail (and a random pillow?) from the crowd, as she retreats backstage again to prepare for her final act (video below!). In between, a Dance Cam comes on, featuring people in the crowd dancing to upbeat, catchy 90s music.


The concert was wrapped up with the encore song Firework, one of Katy’s biggest hits here in Asia. She builds on the self-empowering message of the song, encouraging her fans to be unafraid about who they are. The crowd shrills as Katy leaves the stage for the last time, where she wished us a heartfelt “Goodnight, Singapore! God bless you.”

Even though there weren’t any shark mascots, Katy, thank you for one hella show that well exceeded our expectations. We love you unconditionally, too!

Cover Photo: Gotceleb, Melbourne
Special Thanks: 19sixtyfive

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