Singapore Government Rejects FMFA15 Licence Application Twice, Pending Further Appeal

[UPDATE March 6, 2015: Additional info included of full FMFA15 lineup announcement happening on same day as licence rejection]

If all goes well this Friday, you may be able to see Avicii, Afrojack and Public Enemy (photo above).

That’s because Livescape Singapore is awaiting an appeal to Singapore’s home affairs minister Teo Chee Hean to grant them the public entertainment license they need to operate the upcoming Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA15).

Despite announcing arrivals of top acts and selling 15,000 out of the 20,000 tickets on sale for the two-day event at Changi Exhibition Centre, Livescape unsuccessfully applied for a public entertainment license twice in January and February this year, according to Channel NewsAsia.

On 29 Jan, when their first licence application got rejected, organisers went ahead to announce the full lineup for FMFA15.

Lawyer Samuel Seow, who represents Livescape, explained that promotion plans went ahead despite the license not being confirmed because “there was a level of confidence on the part of the client that this show was going to go on. They never thought for real that it would truly be rejected.”

Last year’s iteration of Future Music Festival Asia was marred by drug issues.

Among the new security plans to deter such issues from happening again include 33 closed-circuit television cameras (up from six in FMFA14 at Kuala Lumpur) and one security officer for every 100 attendees (last year, it was 1:125).

Livescape co-founder said that if the appeal was rejected, plans would be made to host performers in various spots around Singapore. Refunds for tickets can also be arranged.

The event is scheduled to be held on Mar 13 & 14.


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