A Curated Playlist From Play Live 2014

Welcome to the aftermath of Play Live 2014: Singapore’s largest indoor live music, concert and dance party!

If you weren’t at the concert party last night to soak up all the UV lights and amazing sets, Popspoken’s got it covered for you.

Click here for our top 8 tracks across 5 different artists featured at Play Live 2014, exclusively for Popspoken readers! Enjoy!


Super Love – Dami Im (Australia)

Gladiator – Dami Im (Australia)

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) – Daniela Andrade (Canada)

Unthinkable – Daniela Andrade (Canada)

BPM – Trick (Singapore)

The Hold (Original Mix) – TV Noise (The Netherlands)

Yamidoo (Original Mix) – TV Noise (The Netherlands)

B.O.P. (Bird Of Prey) – Bobby Rock & Tenashar (Singapore)

Play Live 2014 from sheroxy on 8tracks Radio.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture