“No Exclusivity Agreed” To Derrick Hoh’s ‘Show Me’: Mode Entertainment

Music publishing company Mode Entertainment has replied to Popspoken exclusively, after this publication released an article highlighting similarities between Derrick Hoh and Austin Mahone’s songs.

“There was no exclusivity agreed and the publisher (Lionheart Music Group) is completely at its own discretion to allow other artistes to record the said song. This scenario holds true for many songs out there – this is not a unique case,” said a spokesperson in an email reply to Popspoken.

Both songs were written by Jakke Erixson and released within a year of each other. Jakke is signed to Lionheart and recently inked a deal with RedOne Productions, chaired by the famous namesake.

“The original demo version of “Show Me (What I’ve Been Looking For)” with the same exact title was received & selected in November 2012. Permission was obtained from the original publisher of writers Holter/Erixson, Lionheart Music, to record the version. Derrick Hoh proceeded to record his version, maintaining the exact same title and lyrics as the original demo,” explained the spokesperson.

“We are glad that there are different versions of the song out there. We believe that good music should be shared and reached out to more music lovers.”

Derrick’s version peaked at #7 on radio station 987FM’s chart show and made it to the top 10 on the iTunes Singapore singles chart.

Mode’s spokesperson also shared worries at the alleged hate messages Derrick has been receiving on social media.

“Our artiste has been receiving unnecessary hate-messages and postings on his social media – some bordering on racist; which is truly uncalled-for, immature, and damaging. We urge all fans to be rationale and respect the works of each individual artiste, and to enjoy a good song for what it’s worth,” the spokesperson said.

Derrick is under Mode Entertainment.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture