Beyonce and Jay-Z Should Just Break Up Already

Yes, you read the title right. And no, the title wasn’t deliberately controversial just to get you to read this article. I genuinely believe that Beyonce & Jay-Z need to just call it quits already. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both mega talented superstars. I just don’t like them together. At all.


BEYONCE IS TOO GOOD FOR JAY-Z how can the ultimate single lady settle for someone like him? I mean sure, he’s a rapper and all but if you compare the amount of songs the general public will know by Beyonce to that of Jay-Z….I assure you that figure would be slanted towards Yoncé entirely. She is so fierce, such a queen- and way too good to be tied down. Beyonce is the kind of woman who can only be made happy, by herself. Her independence, career, & child are surely enough to satisfy her unquenchable thirst for the perfect life- and Jay-Z is not  necessarily a part of that.

Here’s my conspiracy theory. Don’t ask me for proof because I probably don’t have any- but I believe that Beyonce & Jay-Z are purely staying together for publicity. After the quickly moved-on-from incident in the elevator with Solange beating the crap out of  the previously mentioned irrelevant rapper (while Yonce stood there watching) something told me that all was not as it seemed in paradise. I’m thinking that they had to stay together because their wildly successful On the Run tour has probably been contractually obligated for quite some time now, and a 40 song show is not something that can be scrapped over a measly family feud.


Who wants to see Jay-Z when Beyonce’s on stage, anyway? He is literally irrelevant when a spiritual leader is breaking it down on stage for tens of thousands of people. Why should Yonce have to sacrifice some of her massive repertoire so we can hear some man shout angrily at us, while she changes backstage? Call me old fashioned, but I’d much rather see one amazing headliner in a show- than a pair that aren’t on equal ground.

Okay. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. There is a child involved in that relationship, after all. Maybe they don’t need to break up then. But Beyonce needs to ditch Jay-Z and get her butt on a global SOLO headlining tour ASAP. Maybe she could do a date in Singapore. Or two. Or three.

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