Live for the Moment, the Music

We are pretty sure at some point in your life, you have experienced a night out when a certain individual loses control, drinks too much for his own good and goes on a ‘merlioning’ rampage? Not the best experience at all.

Most of the night would be spent getting the individual home safe and cleaning up after him. As for the poor individual who got sloshed, the morning after would be a head-spinning blur. What happened? Only the people around know.

There must be a way to avoid such situations. To that end, Heineken has 4 words for the youth out there: “Dance More, Drink Slow” (#DMDS). With good music the night is naturally fun, there is no need for more alcohol to make the night less boring.


The #DMDS campaign will be brought to life through an experimental film: “The Experiment”. 2 nights, 1 club, same number of people – the only difference being the DJ. The video bears testatment to the fact that DJs have the power to move crowds and influence moods.

As an advocate of responsible drinking, Heineken has partnered with world acclaimed DJ Armin Van Buuren to produce the track “Save my Night”. The track celebrates the notion of moderate drinking on nights out. DJ Armin’s track can be accessed on Spotify via this link:

Exercising control of your alcohol consumption is not only good for your liver, the people around you won’t have to be unwillingly dragged into the ugly aftermath.

Having a good night out is all about the moment. The moment the beat drops, the moment the crowd goes wild.

As DJ Armin apty puts it, “When I play a DJ set to thousands of music lovers, I want them to enjoy the moment, to remember it after the night has finished. This means consuming alcohol in moderation, so that the moment is not lost.”

For more information on Heineken, check out their website here.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture