Slackers Anonymous: Mac DeMarco

Edmonton born Montréal-er, Mac DeMarco on touring, awkwardness, and Neil Young.

Canadian ‘King of Slacker Rock’ artist Mac DeMarco exploded onto the international indie rock scene mid last year with the release of his second album 2, which received the likes of Sam Hockley-Smith to Anthony Fontana. The DIY recording artist is recognised for his beyond batshit insane live shows (a previous gig saw young Mac DeMarco giving ‘shove it up your butt’ a literal meaning. ) No, he did not shove something up someone’s butt, but he may have done it to himself. Just when we thought we’ve seen insane after catching a Dunie jump onto a table to play a song, we were wrong. As he embarks on his world tour, the 23 year old Viceroy smoking lad took time off to talk about music, music and dog body parts?

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Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity. 

Hey Mac! 


You’ve been touring a lot lately and I’m sure you’ve also been listening to a lot of music during your down time. So what music have you been listening to and would recommend to people in a heartbeat? 

Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Todd Rundgren, The Doobie Sisters, Tonstartssbandht, Jerry Paper, Sean Nicholas Savage, Eola, Andy Boay, PC Worship, The Dreebs. 

Seeing that you have played many gigs throughout the years, what crowds you like to play most? Would you rather small intimate gigs or larger performances? 

Depends on the crowd. Sometimes a really small crowd can be sort of awkward, or it can be really amazing and fun. Same goes for a big crowd, it all just depends on the vibe I guess. Small crowds are usually more fun, it’s always weird to be on a stage that’s like 10 feet above everyones heads, 20 feet away from the crowd.

How did the development of your second album come about and what were you main influences that shaped the album? 

I guess I was just writing some songs, they worked together alright (hahahaha). I recorded it at home in about a month. I remember listening to ‘The Band’ a lot during recording. I was really into Levon Helm’s drumming style. I was also listening to Harvest by Neil Young a lot, I love the production value on that album.

When you’re not rocking out on stages across the world, what would you be doing on an average day?

Usually freaking out about when I have to go on tour next (hahahaha). I try to eat cool stuff I guess, try and relax, watch a movie. It’s strange getting off the road sometimes, you forget what you used to do to fill your time.

What are your thoughts on having your sound described as ‘slacker rock’? 

 Don’t really know what it means. I don’t really care either, they can call it whatever they want.

Apart from listening to some pretty stellar musicians, who are your greatest music inspirations? 

 The Band, Neil Young, David Bowie, Steely Dan, The Beatles, The Kinks. All that classic rock stuff (hahaha).

Some fans would say that your albums would be the soundtrack of their lives. So what is the album that perfectly describes your life?

 I don’t know if I can think of one album that describes my whole life, but one album that I’ve always returned to and have loved for the better part of my life is Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon.

If your sound was a scent or flavour, what would it be? 

Dog Penis

You’ve been almost everywhere and I’m sure there is a ton of stories to tell, what has been the most f*cked up experience you’ve ever had while on tour?

 I actually had breakfast with Damien from Fucked Up in Iceland a couple days ago. (hahahahaha).

What is one feeling that you want your fans to come out feeling after catching your gig? 


Happy is all you are going to feel after his set, a big part of me is absolutely sure about it. Mac is taking over Home Club on December 7 at 8pm. Tickets are priced at $40 (Standard) and $50 (At the door) and they are available online via Peatix.

Purchase them immediately, this is one gig you won’t want to miss.

Image Credit: Captured Tracks


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