Is That George Yeo In Kevin Lester’s New Music Video Or Are We Just Trippin’

Rapper Kevin Lester released his official music video for his latest single, P.Y.C.O. (Put Your City On) this past Monday and we thought we spotted someone familiar in the video.

That logo on his shirt, the all-white ensemble, that familiar face structure — could it be a pre-election George Yeo? We could not really confirm this behind the black bar covering the subject’s eyes as he gesticulates in GIF-like fashion to the verses, so we reached out to the man behind the verses himself.

This is what Kevin Lester had to say about the subject behind the video:

“The character behind the podium speaks of unity; the state of being one with the mark of anonymity over his eyes representing the notion that he could be any one of us. He could be you. He could be me.”

At least we have one thing clear: everyone can represent their city, in this case “Put Your City On” (PYCO). The song was made with Ezekiel Keran and was the product after Kevin was inspired by the success of Singapore’s LionsXII team in doing the country proud with their sterling performance in the Malaysian Super League.

The video was teased several days before its release as the “Government x PYCO” and “National Day” versions on Kevin Lester’s Facebook and Instagram pages respectively. Lester goes in on the struggles of making it big and rolling with the punches: “Geronimo, boy, we some skyscrapers / By the half-time out, we annihilate ’em / There’s a rise in ’em, boy, fetch your passports / Flexin’ for the fast life, is this what we ask for.”

Explaining the video’s intention, Kevin added on Facebook, “In times of challenge, while we search for our future, we often forget to look back. We forget to reflect on what is closest to us. Remember to Put Your City On and tell ’em where you’re from because we should remember where our story began. This is a tribute to the city that made me.”

Even if we are to stick to the argument that it is George Yeo behind that black bar, he is already doing big things in reppin’ Singapore. He has been recently appointed by Pope Francis to join a special commission to re-examine the Vatican’s administration structure.

Talk about a good game.

Kevin Lester’s EP, Everything You Love, You Hate, is now available on iTunes.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture