The Temper Trap On the Sound Track of the Lives

Written by Isabelle Chan

Meeting bands that you hold close to your heart in real life, does make your heart beat much faster than usual and you do end up hyperventilating for a bit. That was how I felt when I got the chance to interview The Temper Trap’s Lorenzo, Jonathan and Joseph which were the guitarist, bassist and keyboardist of the Australian indie rock band. The interview was definitely one of the most casual conversations I have had with a band. They were all very friendly, warm and humorous which made asking burning questions much more manageable.

The Temper Trap was given the opportunity to support the legendary The Rolling Stones on their big 5-0 Anniversary tour which has garnered a lot of attention from fans and media alike. Lorenzo even told us that their hit song ‘Sweet Disposition’ sold a million singles in the US!  The trio really enjoyed their stay in Singapore years back when they played at Laneway Festival, they talked about visiting old school mates, eating scrumptious local cuisine and partying it up at the clubs. We really do hope the band comes back soon to rock the stage at Laneway Festival!

They shared favorite moments and funny stories of their tours, favorite places to play and their possible ‘soundtracks of their lives’! One thing is for sure, I personally like how Joseph was a big David Bowie fan and had different albums that really impacted him at different stages of his life. One funny story that has stuck was the fact that Jonathan would constantly lose his personal belongings and to prevent this from happening the band made him wear a fanny pack! (Don’t worry buddy, you’re not alone.) We also got insights of how their music has evolved from the previous album ‘Conditions’ to their latest self titled album ‘The Temper Trap’.

All in all, I had a wonderful time interviewing the trio and really had a truly amazing experience watching them live (up close and personal). Our uncut recording of our interview is below.

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture