Kevin Lester’s Album Is Getting Some Buzz In The States

We have always kept our eyes on Singapore rapper Kevin Lester — one to always push his music to as wide a consciousness as possible, with a keen business sense in marketing his music right. There is always something new and fresh from him: he doesn’t overdo the Singapore gigs, knows where to place his exclusives and is always brimming with new creations.

This time, Kevin is taking his talent overseas. During his stint at South by Southwest, lucky concert attendees got to lay their hands on exclusive promo copies of upcoming album Everything You Love You Hate. This is part of Kevin’s North American tour which includes a visit to New York to do some album promo as well — keep your TuneIn Radio app handy in case we get to hear Kevin on some of the New York radio stations.

The album is set to launch in US and Canada first before launching it worldwide including in Singapore — a wise move, considering the amount of press Kevin is doing now in the West.

In his interview with Sony Entertainment which you can view below, Kevin speaks about how the album came about:

“This album was a bit harder to write because I tried to touch on personal topics. With my previous album, I tried to be a bit more positive… in a typical musician story, I was in a relationship for the past seven years. In that space, I wrote Everything You Love You Hate. It was tough going through that but out from all of that, it was a good album.”

Kevin also had some lovin’ in the air before his journey to the West — he married Sixx bandmate Aarika Lee on February 23, with celebs such as Sezairi Sezali and Munah Bagharib attending the wedding ceremony and reception. Ever the busy man, he premiered lead single Hear Me Go from the upcoming EYLYH album at Adidas and Gunnery events in Singapore before flying off for SXSW. He heads to Canadian Music Week next. width=640]

Everything You Love, You Hate drops April 2 in Canada/USA and April 9 globally on iTunes and via Sony RED Music.

Instagram photos: Kevin Lester & Syaheed Bedsty


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture