Magnum Unveils AI-Powered Pleasure Express at ION Art Gallery

Magnum’s Pleasure Express experience, available from 26 April till 5 May, promises to be a tantalizing adventure for ice cream enthusiasts, offering an array of enticing flavors and textures.

Known to feature eye-popping displays that do not disappoint, that include indulgent chocolate fountains and more, this round – Magnum promises to add fun and zest to your tastebuds. From the tangy Pink Lemonade, to the luxurious decadence of Golden Toffee and the comforting sweetness of Vegan Chill Blueberry Cookie, there is something special to satisfy every palate.

What’s particularly intriguing is the immersive experience Magnum has curated with its Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds exhibition. By combining mood expression boards with Euphoria, Wonder and Chill as main themes, alongside AI-powered creativity by an emerging artist, guests are invited to embark on a personalized journey, specially tailored to their preferences.

From a generated personality tests upon entering, to AI-generated artwork inspired by individual moods, it is a fusion of technology and indulgence that promises to stimulate all your senses.

The addition of the Play for Pleasure VR Mobile Experience adds another layer of interactivity, allowing guests to uncover hidden surprises and redeem exclusive rewards. It presents an innovative way to extend the pleasure beyond the tasting experience and engage guests in a playful exploration of Magnum’s world.

Magnum believes every day should be filled with pleasure, and everyone deserves to pursue what brings them joy. We see ION Art gallery at ION Orchard as the perfect canvas where artistry meets indulgence, to bring our Magnum Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds experience to life. We want all our Pleasure Seekers to join us on this journey on the Pleasure Express to enjoy and explore endless possibilities and stimulate their senses with our three new flavours – Wherever Pleasure Takes You.

 Ellen Yap, Ice Cream Country Lead of Unilever Singapore

Magnum’s Pleasure Express range and the accompanying Beyond Worlds exhibition is poised to redefine the ice cream experience, inviting Pleasure Seekers to indulge not only in delicious treats but also in a journey of discovery and delight.

To redeem a complimentary Magnum Mini, simply post your experience on social media with the following tags: @magnum, #MagnumSG #PleasureExpress #BeyondWorlds.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture