TRIFECTA Unveils Asia’s First Snow, Surf, and Skate Attraction in Orchard

Soon, the prospect of snowboarding and surfing in tropical Singapore will become a reality in the heart of the city. TRIFECTA by The Ride Side, slated to open on October 28, 2023, will stand as Asia’s pioneering snow, surf, and skate destination. Its core objective is to democratize snowboarding, skiing, and surfing by introducing a variety of beginner-friendly and youth-oriented programs and events, providing a secure, pleasant, and monitored environment for learning.

For those proficient in skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, TRIFECTA will serve as a community and training hub during the off-season, leveraging technology to replicate ocean wave and ski slope conditions.

Though Singapore lacks ski resorts and surf breaks, TRIFECTA will create its version of mountains and waves in the heart of town. Inspired by the esteemed notion in the realm of adventure sports where snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding are accomplished in a single day – an accomplishment necessitating both summer and winter conditions in one place – this is now achievable in tropical Singapore. Through its multi-dimensional and immersive experience, the inauguration of TRIFECTA will augment the transformation of Orchard Road, bringing vibrancy back to the space and reinforce its status as an essential lifestyle destination.

Brought to life by The Ride Side, a homegrown adventure travel enterprise, TRIFECTA covers an area of 49,611 square feet, roughly equivalent to four Olympic swimming pools, on Somerset Road. Its unique open layout encourages audience engagement and interaction.

Despite the growing interest in board sports in Asia, we realized there weren’t enough spaces at home that allowed people to discover, watch, and learn. At TRIFECTA by The Ride Side, we welcome all who are interested in board sports to take that first step with us, and for all enthusiasts to continue to hone their skills and share their experiences with the greater community.

Co-Founder of The Ride Side, Daphne Goh

Given the rise of hybrid work arrangements, travelers are increasingly opting for “flexcations,” combining leisure and work in a single destination for extended periods. With its multi-purpose facilities, TRIFECTA allows travelers to sustain their sport practice and wellness aspirations while enjoying their extended stays in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Amenities encompass cutting-edge surf and snow simulators, providing an unparalleled experience of participating in extreme sports on Orchard Road. This physical involvement is supplemented by a mobile app, permitting visitors and users to connect with the community, schedule sessions and classes, manage training routines, and conduct cashless in-app transactions with rewards.

In the snow arena, simulator machines are powered by Asia’s initial Virtual Reality (VR) ski simulator, boasting top-tier speed simulation and directional movement emulation mirroring natural mountain terrain. A “Freestyle” section, complete with airbags and dry slopes, affords guests the opportunity to attempt popular snowboard maneuvers in a secure environment. For the surfing aspect, the arena will feature Citywave, the world’s leading deep water wave pool technology, providing an endless surfing experience. This 10-meter-wide pool generates 1.5-meter-high waves, the tallest in Singapore, enabling the use of fin-equipped surfboards.

The skateboarding section presents the world’s inaugural hybrid skate bowl, designed for both skateboarding and surfskating, with lessons for all who are new to the sport. Created in collaboration with Bali’s well-regarded skate sports communities, the skate bowl is freely accessible and complements the adjacent Somerset Skate Park, adding youthful vibrancy to Orchard Road.

Other exciting experiences include “Butter,” an exclusive collaborative kitchen by cult-favourite establishment Two Men Bagel House and TRIFECTA. Butter offers all-day menus, encompassing Two Men’s signature bagels, baked goods, family-friendly pancakes, hearty grain bowls, beverages, desserts, and more.

Early bird and starter packages are now available, offering up to 10% discounts on passes and credit packages until September 4, 2023. Single-class passes for 60-minute sessions start at S$54 for Skate, S$90 for Snow/Ski, and S$108 for Surf. General sales will commence on September 5, 2023. Further information is accessible on TRIFECTA’s website.


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