Bite Sized Beef: 6 Takeaway & Delivery Options To Eat Better In April

It is easy to neglect the self and indulge in sporadic dining habits during isolation period. We get it, there is nothing more comforting than digging into a bowl of chips or finishing a tub of ice cream while watching Netflix.

However, food is the one thing that remains elementary to our wellbeing. Good food can change the way we perceive the upcoming days. This month, we want to help you eat better during the lockdown. From sustainable dining to homegrown produce to home-cooked recipes, there is something for everyone even as we dine in isolation.

Three Buns


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Always a name to watch when it comes to stacked burgers with an attitude, Potato Head’s Three Buns introduces a refreshing menu that spotlights sustainable, cruelty-free creations for Earth Month. With six new burgers out of nine in the series, salads, sides, all new desserts and beverages, the all-encompassing menu plays with plant-based ingredients by Impossible™ Foods, Just Egg, SimpliiGood and SeedFuel, and also marks the start of their collaboration with local charity ACRES.

For Chef Adam Penney, it is only natural that they veer into clean eating with a punch. “We are responding to our customers: delivering bloody good burgers made with minimal impact on our planet,” he said, “Sustainability is in our DNA. It’s even behind our mantra, “Good Times, Do Good”. We take a lot of care in everything we do, from the building materials we chose for our Quayside restaurant, to the ingredients that we use in our menus.” While he acknowledges that there will be scepticism towards plant-based ingredients, he believes more people are adjusting their lifestyles not just for their health, but for a sense of collective good.

By caring about the traceability of ingredients to make better choices or actively turning to homegrown produce to reduce our carbon footprint, we are all doing our part for the planet. If you want to start somewhere, give their new Impossible Egg N Chedda a whirl, itself vegan but not lacking in flavour, especially with their home-made ketchup. The Truffle Shuffle with roasted portobello, spirulina, garlic miso cashew butter, and really excellent raw slaw is another easy crowd-pleaser. Do not sleep on C.R.E.A.M. Cash “EW” Rules Everything, their roasted cashew ice cream with gula malaka; as Chef Adam divulges, “It was a labour of love to get it just right, but I think the hours and the number of cashews paid off.”

When? Now till end of April
Available for takeaway at Potato Head Singapore or Three Buns Quayside

Seriously Keto


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It takes serious discipline to not empty the house of snacks when we are all cooped up inside, and Seriously Keto is here to present a healthier option. Singapore’s first wholly ketogenic bakery, their baked goods are low in carbs, gluten-free and free from sugar, making it ideal for those who are looking to maintain a wheat/sugar-free diet, as well as those with medical conditions, like diabetes.

For this period, they have whipped up bundle deals so snacking becomes a mindful choice to eat better. Packing big flavour with healthy fats, these pastries are still sinful and decadent in flavour, but will leave you feeling better than the average treat. For bread-lovers, the low-carb BUNdle features a pair of KetoBuns, KetoBun Crisps, and Jar Spread; while the BUNy Bundle is like a party pack of sugar-free desserts: chocolate cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, a jar of Coco Cosmos, and KetoBun crisps. 

When? Now till end of April
Available takeaway or delivery via their website

Open Farm Community


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In the game long before sustainability became a catchphrase, Open Farm Community has launched OFC Provisions, a resilience grocery aimed at reducing food waste and supporting local farms. The farm-to-table restaurant will stock their grocer with local produce like an assortment of herbs and greens from their own garden, Meod Farm’s Golden Boy Tomatoes, and even unique pickled produce like Ginger Flower Pickles. They will also have a Pasta DIY kit that serves two: the Carbon Neutral Beef Bolognese or Kin Yan Organic Mushroom Tortellini.

Their restaurant offerings also highlight their dedication to conscientious dining, such as their bundles catered for two people. Each sharing bundle comes with a starter, a main dish, a side dish, and dessert. Tantalising choices like the Genting Tomato Salad, Tiberias Barramundi, Garden Pesto Pasta, and their signature donuts are all options that one can consider when it comes to making better dining choices during this period.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available via takeaway or delivery through WhatsApp or their website

Lè Fusion


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If you are craving for a bit of everything or simply indecisive, Lè Fusion is a tasteful option that brings together influences from the East and West. The establishment’s bold take on fusion cuisine means that everything is under one roof, making it the ideal choice for those who want a myriad of dishes without the hassle of ordering from different places.

Highlights from the menu include the Crispy Pork Belly Mantou, which houses the Filipino classic lechon in a soft bun and excellent slaw; the Rougie Foie Gras, which marries the decadent French ingredient with Chinese glutinous rice drenched in a tangy dressing; and the Soft Shell Chili Crab Pasta, which checks all the boxes because there is no need to remove the shell for this version.

Special mention to their signature Braised Abalone Seafood Rice, a super-charged version of mui fan with Tasmania 6-head abalone, scallops, fish, squids, mussels and prawns coated in a savoury consommé—indulgent and comforting in one spoonful. For this period, Lè Fusion will be offering this dish at a special rate, exclusive bento boxes, as well as discounts on both takeaway and deliveries.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available via takeaway or delivery through WhatsApp

Founder Bak Kut Teh


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Founder Bak Kut Teh needs no introduction. Although a family-owned eatery loved by locals for the last forty years, their new menu demonstrates that old dogs are still capable of new tricks. Paying tribute to their mother, the nine new dishes are nostalgic in flavours and names. Here you will find fuss-free comfort food with a desire to recreate the joys of childhood. Too Moody to Eat is a wholesome plate of garlic fried chicken, while Cheeky Secret is a delightful blend of spinach, mushrooms, and homemade tofu in a light gravy.

Standout dishes are usually the ones that tempt us into ordering another bowl of rice, such as the Trio Steamed Egg, which brings together regular steamed egg with century egg and salted egg. These are then coated liberally with spicy pork lard, making the dish smooth, spicy, and savoury. Another great rice companion is Grandma’s Pork Belly, which is your typical braised meat but absolutely tender with a bursting layer of fat; finally, finish off with a bowl of their signature rou gu cha and be transported back to simpler days.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available via takeaway or delivery through WhatsApp

Crown Coffee

With new restrictions coming into force almost every other week, it calls for those in the food industry to constantly be innovative with their solutions. Crown Coffee is perhaps the first eco-conscious cafe to roll out an app designed to work with drive-through orders, as well as their takeaway and delivery features. This is not only great for the environment but also fitting for this period, where consumers are looking to get their orders in seamlessly via their devices.

“What’s left of the once vibrant industry is already battered enough as it is,” said CEO of Crown Group, Keith Tan, “If there’s a restaurant or cafe out there who could use a software like this to help their customers find their way back, I’m down for a coffee.” The app currently supports orders, payments, and even synchronises with the kitchen so users can track or schedule their orders. On the menu are brunch delights like Brioche French Toast to mains like Seafood Mala Spaghetti and Smoked Guinness Rubbed Pork Ribs.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available via takeaway or delivery through their app


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