Superstition has it that when presented a glass of Hendrick’s G&T garnished with cucumber slices on a sweltering day, one should accept for good luck.

Affectionately known as a gateway gin (or enabler of casual alcoholism whichever you prefer), the brand’s ubiquitous apothecary-esque bottles now populate every bar shelf and trustworthy office pantry.

Orbium, the brand’s new limited edition, trade-only offering is a fascinating left-turn on the original. Created by its Master Distiller Lesley Gracie, it’s a quininated infusion introducing wormwood and blue lotus blossom to the existing family of botanicals. Basically, the sort of spirit that gets bartenders excited.

Available only in ten markets around the world, cocktail lovers in Singapore will be happy to know that Orbium’s exclusively available for a limited time (ugh) at the following bars: 28HKS, Antidote, Atlas, Gibson, IB HQ, Idlewild, Jigger & Pony, Manhattan, Madame Fan, MO Bar, Nutmeg & Clove, Origin, Oxwell & Co, Skai, Tippling Club, Barbary Coast.

While we’d recommend gathering your most capable friends to hijack the nearest shipment of Orbium a la Money Heist, we’d also recommend sampling the spirit at the bars above before you do, for liquid courage.

Not sure where to start? We’ve previewed some on your behalf.

Tippling Club: Orbium Fizz Cake by Mel Chavez

Inspired by Chavez’s love for cheesecake, this cocktail demands to be served with breakfast in bed, and drank amidst fluffy linen on a lazy weekend. Lemon, cheesecake mix and campari lends the drink a whimsical tartness on first sip, but it’s the parmesan crisp garnish that seals the deal; a savory finish primes the palette for, you guessed it, more food. Available till 14th November only.

Mo Bar: Lupus by Joshua Pang

Blue Lotus Tea Tincture, Hops-infused Cocchi Americano and Manazilla Sherry team up on this delicious spin on a classic martini. Oddly comforting, it tastes like something right out of a Harry Potter movie (y’know, the one where Harry, Ron and Hermione spend their early-30s daydrinking in Hogsmeade just because they can?).

In all seriousness, it’s an extremely delicious drink. Think: evening bonfire by the Scottish coast, or uh, a balmy night on your friend’s balcony. Available till 14th November only.

ATLAS Bar: Bon Voyage by Ivan Gaiuo

Worldly is the best way we can describe it, and fittingly so, given Atlas’ reputation as a mainstay on Singapore’s tipple tourism checklist. Absinthe, Bitters, Apricot Liqueur and Ruby Port deliver a herbal and slightly spicy cocktail that lingers.

This is definitely one for the nights where you need a little warmth for company. The bar will feature an Orbium Gimlet instead as a permanent menu item, so don’t forget to check that out too.


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