“Is This Vegan?” Singaporeans React To McDonald's Bottled Curry Sauce

“Is This Vegan?” Singaporeans React To McDonald's Bottled Curry Sauce

No matter how many posters the Health Promotion Board throws at us, we just can’t seem to shake it off. Here in Singapore, we love our oily, salty McDonald’s meals (not #sponsored). Through thick and thin, tasteless salted egg yolk burgers and watery breakfast coffee, the largest fast food chain in the world still holds its footing here in our tiny island.

No surprise then, when Popspoken’s Twitter account sent out this tweet to much excitement earlier on Friday (15 July).

Yes, because strong as Singaporeans’ love for McDonald’s is, about 80% of that affection comes from the slathering of their meals in the unique McDonald’s Curry Sauce.

The harrowing period of facing no curry sauce due to “stock shortages” and the following months of outrage at having to pay for this god-given nugget-pairing nectar all makes sense now – old Ronald McDonald was clowning around with us.

The final test is now here: how will Singaporeans react to the opportunity of having an entire bottle of curry sauce at home? Are the HPB’s efforts at tackling obesity doomed? Here’s what our people of Twitter had to say:

Some were excited…
Even local singer-songwriter Jawn Chan got into it.
Some kept their priorities in check:

Some thanked God.
Some quoted the other Gód.
Some stayed woke:

Painfully woke.
Some reassessed their national identity…

While others just gave up on identity altogether:

Will you be queuing up for a bottle next week? Or is it just another one of those things that Singaporeans love waiting and queueing for? Either way, the Currygeddon is fast approaching. Get your fries ready.

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