Be Spoilt by the Queen of Mediterranean Cuisine

We would have thought dining at the Queen’s table won’t come easy, but chic Capella has done a service for all of us, by flying Reine Sammut in (‘Reine’ stands for Queen in French) from now till the weekend. French culinary goddess with a Michelin-star is taking the reigns of The Knolls’ kitchen for the week, and at a steal too. Having picked up the ropes from her mother-in-law, the sprightly lady is truly at home in the kitchen and was all smiles as she described the Mediterranean dishes to us. It’s no wonder people dub her the ‘Queen of Hearts’, because of her sparkling personality.

Our culinary journey began with an unassuming dip, that was so rich and gorgeous in flavour that we had to keep it as a side for the entire night – dipping our bread as we waited in-between dishes. We later found out that the dip was blended with anchovies which probably contributed to its fragrance. This was quickly followed by the highlight of our night: the prawns, that were sweet, succulent, and just left us hankering for more.

The texture of the stuffed pasta with brande was similar to that of mash potatoes, and when paired with the potent traditional fish soup, resulted in a dish that was tasty, not spectacular, but comfort food no less. For mains, we had a pigeon, that was seared to rosy perfection, and well-paired with crisp liver and girolles mushrooms.

Ending our meal on a high note, we finally reached the desert belt. The canoli stuffed with cheese was served with lemon zest was light, and hit all the right notes – this definitely scored a home run in our mouth!

Best part is, this 4-course dinner only set us back $78++, a steal! Be sure to make your reservations as Reine is only here till this Sunday, 16 Nov 2014, and we heard there are spots left to be filled for both lunch and dinner.

This was an independent review.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture