4 Exciting Things About The First-Ever Asian Oktoberfest

Hear ye, hear ye: the Bavarian beer and food extravaganza that is Oktoberfest is coming to Singapore! The four-day celebration that is Oktoberfest Asia will span October 16 to 19 at the Keppel Island Plaza. Indulge in beers from breweries such as Schnieder Weisse, Spatte and Jaegermiester, as well as sumptuous traditional German cuisine such as Schweinshaxe (pork knuckles), bratwurst and sauerkraut, meatloaf and goulash.

Since the original Oktoberfest in Munich can be pretty difficult to implement in Singapore (for some very obvious reasons — where to get some Lederhosen?), here are four things to look forward to once the alcohol fiesta hits our shores:

1) One of the six breweries for the original Oktoberfest is helming the Asian iteration

Paulaner Brauhaus — also the only German microbrewery and restaurant in Singapore — will be helming the project. The brand, established eons ago in 1634, has kept its beer’s signature flavour since its method of brewing has been unchanged since time immemorial. Getting tipsy is the order of the day with some choice Lagers, its new Weissbier (wheat beer) and of course, the specially-created seasonal Oktoberfest Bier. In keeping up with the Joneses, it is nice to see Oktoberfest Asia maintain some form of connection to its Munich counterpart by having the brewery there to take part.

2) The Original Hofbräuhaus Show is coming to Singapore

The famous beer oompah show will be held by the world-renowned group who are one of the original troupes at the Munich iteration of Oktoberfest. So basically, it’s your time to be merry, gulp some beer and sing along to German songs. Previous versions have always been a little riotous: you can dance on tables, bellow along and basically be a total loudhailer and get away with it. We’re not sure how Singapore will respond to the boisterous show, but if it gets you moving, don’t let your feet stop you from greatness. :-)

3) A secret party?

Yup, that is what German spirit Jaegermeister are organising. Of course, not much is known about this since, well, you get the drift. All we know is that it could happen at any day in the festivities. Look out for more clues on their Facebook page (link below) — who knows, you could be scoring yourself some exclusive info or invites to attend the secret party!


4) The servers in dirndis (traditional Bavarian dresses)

Need we say more?

Early bird tickets cost $75 per day on Oct 16 & 17, and $85 per day on Oct 18 & 19. On top of a $10 top-up for each ticket bracket for regular tickets, a table of eight will set you back a cool $650 on Oct 16 & 17, while that table will cost $700 on Oct 18 & 19.


Follow Oktoberfest Asia on Facebook here.

Oktoberfest Asia photos: Bless Inc.


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