Fly Sushi Airways, In-flight Entertainment Included

Tucked away in a placid corner off Haji Lane is a sushi bar that will provide you with the thrill of being in air, on land. The concept of an in-flight meal may sound kitschy or overdone, but Sushi Airways has executed it brilliantly.

Boarding passengers begin their journey by ascending a metallic stairwell which leads to the main cabin. Upon entering, gregarious stewardesses graciously usher guests to their seats. Departing from the traditional wooden décor of Japanese sushi bars, patrons will feel they are in a futuristic, gastronomic aero-paradise as actual aircraft meal carts are used to simulate a realistic in-the-air gourmet experience.

Be sure to make reservations, so stewardesses can prepare your boarding pass to secure your flight in the 33-seater cabin. Lead stewardess, Simbian Kitty, is nothing short of impressive with her balloon twisting skills that will leave kids and the young at heart brimming from ear to ear.

Appetizers such as Salmon Tataki ($15) will whet your palate, as it is prepared with a tangy ponzu sauce that ellicits a fresh zestiness. Other appetizers include exotic items like the Grilled Marinated Fugu with Spicy Sauce ($16) and Ankimo (Monk Fish Liver) ($23). The fugu (pufferfish) is prepared in Japan, and put through numerous taste tests to make sure the lethal poison has been removed before it is ready to be served.

“Freshness” is the buzz word at this sushi bar, as Sushi Airways endeavours to arrest the senses of their passengers by serving only premium seafood. Clearly, the Sashimi Mori ($58) did not dissapoint. Sushi Airways’ dexterous chef, EC Wong (former Head Chef at Grand Hyatt Singapore) effortlessly sliced the prime cuts and presented it in a gorgeous silver bowl. Sashimi purists will be in for a treat as fresh catches from the ocean such as Uni (Sea Urchin) ($30), Toro (Tuna Belly) ($40) and Akagi (Ark Shell) ($25) are air-flown in four times a week.

Another item worth trying is the Kani Mentai Cheese Roll ($38) – a scrumptious take on the Maki roll which comprises of crab meat rolled into the rice, tobiki and gloriously drizzled mentai sauce melted into the baked cheese.

To round off the entire dining experience and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, do try their refreshing Yuzu or Honey Lemon ice-cream ($4.90 per scoop). Alternatively, you could allow the millky goodness of Goma (Sesame) or Royal Tea flavours seduce your waistlines.

There is something for everyone at Sushi Airways. If you are feeling indulgent, their Omasake dinner menu is worth the splurge ($180-$250). If your purse strings are feeling tight, there is always the $15 lunch set-menu that comes with a Wafu salad and refillable Miso soup that will certainly make your last penny worth. The Inaniwa Udon ($15.90 a la carte) prepared with juicy mushrooms and marinated morsels of chicken in a savoury hot soup – perfect for rainy afternoons.

This was an invited tasting.

Sushi Airways 寿司航空 Sushi Bar

Location: 20a Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659
Operating hours: Daily 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm

Telephone: +65 62911151


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture