Pink Dot 2017 to be Barricaded, Attendees Required to Show IDs

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Barricades will be set up around Speakers’ Corner during this year’s Pink Dot SG event and attendees are required to present their Identity Cards or passports before they can enter the event area.

There are plans to hire security personnel to be stationed at seven entry points around the barrier.

This marks the first time an event in Hong Lim Park will be barricaded, following changes to the Public Order Act that specifies that only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to assemble in support of any cause at the Speakers’ Corner.

Previously, foreigners were allowed to gather at Hong Lim Park and observe from the sidelines. They were not allowed to participate in rallies.

“The set-up of barricades and check points around the park was the only measure deemed acceptable by authorities; this was a decision taken out of our hands and is something we do not readily agree with,” said Pink Dot SG’s spokesperson Paerin Choa.

“Pink Dot SG acknowledges that this greatly impacts individuals with partners, friends and family who might not be Singapore Citizens or PRs; couples and families wanting to commemorate Pink Dot with us may be separated because of this.”Pink-Dot-Sg-logoIndividuals who fail to comply with the Public Order Act can face a fine of up to $3000 for their first offence, and up to $5000 if they are repeat offenders.

For the July 1 event, Pink Dot SG has clinched 116 local sponsors, surpassing its initial target of 100.

This year’s Pink Dot Ambassadors are singer Nathan Hartono, actor Ebi Shankara and Paralympic swimmer Theresa Goh.


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