Xiaxue Responds To Faves Asia, References Popspoken In “Apology” Video

Just when we thought the Faves Asia saga was over, OG influencer Xiaxue has responded to Faves Asia with a 10-minute-long YouTube video.

This comes nearly a month after collective lifestyle YouTube channel Clicknetwork released a spoof video of the now-infamous Faves Asia ad, which prompted a Faves Asia spokesperson to call for a public apology from Clicknetwork, “especially to all the micro-influencers nationwide”.

In her latest video, Xiaxue throws shade at Faves Asia and the actions of their “micro-influencers” in the wake of the derided video, all while dissecting a reaction piece published on Popspoken.

“In Donovan’s article [for Popspoken], he says that it’s easy to tell that influencers are not truly passionate about content creation because their so-called ‘creations’ are all [of] the same cookie-cutter variety,” she said.

“They all use the same tried-and-tested popular methods to get likes, followers, or subscribers,” said Xiaxue, “None of them want to create something that is unique, original, or pushing artistic boundaries.”

“I would agree that this statement is mostly true because how many people truly have a passion for creating the typical popular Instagram feed filled with the same whitish filters, the same flatlays and the same yoga poses?” wondered Xiaxue aloud, as screenshots of curated feeds appeared for just a second.

On the point about Instagram influencers not using their power for social discourse (or good, in general), Xiaxue disagreed.

“I am letting you know, Donovan, that many of them [influencers] do not even think about anything beyond the next hair colour that they should have. Most of them don’t even have a blog!” said the original queen of Singapore’s blogosphere. Yeah, remember when that was a word?

Here are some of our favourite zingers:

“If you want to be in a video that features you looking sad about having one thousand followers and looking delighted later when you are driven around in a Maserati and sipping champagne, you can hardly be surprised that people think you are a materialistic wannabe.”

“After all, there is a difference between someone who is just posting authentic stuff suddenly finds herself rather popular and decides to monetise it *cough* yours truly, versus someone who starts out aiming to be popular in the first place.”

“An apology for calling you guys wannabes? Are you serious? This is coming from the people who called you ‘micro’? Do you not hear how insulting that sounds?”

Might we add: all this happened via Popspoken. We know. We’re enjoying this as much as you are.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture