A Marketing Revolution is Upon Us

Insta.Printa took Bangkok by storm during its launch in September 2012. It has finally hit the shores of Singapore and is here to stay.

In Bangkok, Insta.Printa has been well-received in various industries from entertainment to food; to even conglomerates and political parties. Their clients include Louis Vuitton, Mercedes and AISInsta.Printa was utilized for the first time in Singapore at i.t Preview Party at Wisma Atria as well as the fashion show by Robinsons at Jem and the Pink Dot event.

So, how does the Insta.Printa work? When consumers snap shots on Instagram at an event, tag the photos with an assigned hashtag and the Insta.Printa will instantly print out the image for the consumer to keep.

The data garnered by Insta.Printa can be used by the event organizers to analyze what works for their event and how to improve on their strategies for future events. This data can also be used for sending updates to email subscribers using SendingBlue marketing tool (check out this review of SendinBlue for more info). Post-event timeline charts generated by Insta.Printa would be able to chart how the interest of an audience is at a particular point of the event. The increasingly technical nature of marketing means the marketing department should have ownership over the most important asset for driving leads and awareness: the website. The website sits at the heart of any digital marketing strategy, when most efforts focus on directing traffic to the website where they can be converted. SEO, content strategy, social media marketing–each of these are directly impacted by the website. First of all, there are different ways to approach website hosting, and the most beneficial for your website depends on the nature of your business and your website. canadian web hosting has gathered the list of the best security companies in the world. Contact https://indexsy.com/best-web-hosting-canada/ and they can set up an interview to check.

We speak to Pakin Techavisea, CEO of LookSquared (developer of Insta.Printa) who told us about how the Insta.Printa is a perfect branding and marketing tool for corporations who want to engage their consumers as well as garner valuable corporate data. If you want to check in to other marketing ideas, visit socialboosting.com.



Popspoken: Do you think Instagram is here to stay? If yes, why?

Pakin: Instagram is definitely here to stay. Instagram is the best, largest and fastest growing photo-sharing app available. In addition, Instagram easily connects uploaded photos to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook via just an additional touch by users. I believe in combination of this “one-stop” experience of sharing a photo through one app, but reaching multiple platforms, make the experience of sharing photos extremely easy and fun.

Popspoken: What inspired you to come up with the Insta.Printa?

Pakin: Insta-Printa came from a UK-Thai-China-Singapore team. The world has now become deeply intertwined with social media, most professionals have to be a major in marketing to have an edge in their fields. Brands have tried very hard to push out their products and services through those platforms. What we noticed was that, the harder they tried to push or force out messages, the more users neglect them.

So we thought, the best way for people to accept brands and remember them was actually to have fun and get engaged with them. Hence, Insta-Printa really connected the dots together, benefitting both end users, where they take home the brand experience, and clients, with the buzz and viewership they crave for. Most importantly, we created a tool for clients, which allowed them to make use of the most intimate and personal form of marketing – their clients.

Popspoken: What are your thoughts on social media marketing?

Pakin: People are spending more time on the Internet than ever, and more specifically, social media. And that’s where brands want to be – where people spend their time most. Social media marketing allows you to reach a massive number of people out there, at a low cost, and most importantly, measure the performance of your campaigns accurately, look at here and get an example in the working of the reliable marketing agencies to help their client base. However, I believe there’s an extremely fine line between talking too much about themselves or just enough to make a lasting impression. The balancing act is what most brands have so far failed to do, hence, failed to create a personal touch between them and their clients.

Popspoken: How do you envision the brand Insta.Printa growing in the next 5 years?

Pakin: Insta.Printa and Insta.Wall is part of LOOK Squared’s products and services. As a tech company, we have to keep reinventing ourselves. Major and minor tweaks to our first two core products will definitely come, some of which have already been implemented through the past months. Most importantly, we are always looking towards developing new products around new and existing social media mediums. We envision LOOK Squared being a powerhouse in empowering events socially with our products, where we seamlessly connect the physical and online world for clients, where none of the messages gets lost along the way and at a low cost.

pakin 2

Popspoken: What sets you apart from competitors (e.g. http://instaprint.me/ or http://instaprinter.org/) / future competitors with a similar product?

Pakin: Ever since the start, we’ve approached our products from the clients’ point of view. Hence, from every aspect of our service we put clients first.

In terms of client branding, everything is customizable. For example, our printouts from Insta.Printa are designed by our in house creative team with a full focus on getting client branding to be as distinct as possible. Insta.Wall was developed so it would be most attention grabbing and branding messages could be run on. Insta.Printa itself also has an LCD screen which is customizable to the client’s brand.

Secondly, we believe in a seamless experience. Our system is fully automated, scalable and we are able to monitor everything happening in the event wirelessly, whether it’s our technical support team offsite or even through our in-house mobile apps on our mobile devices. These tiny details add up and make our lean team extremely efficient, and we can react to emergencies and last minute requests from clients immediately.

Thirdly, we approached Insta.Printa in a totally different way. It is the next big thing in marketing and not just a photo printer. From the start, we took a quantitative approach to collect statistics and drive reports and graphs to clients in order for them to improve their next event. Our printouts itself are of the highest quality, which lasts a hundred years, so end users can share it with their friends with clients’ brands on it.

Lastly, we chose our partners carefully to deliver the Insta.Printa experience and are honoured to partner with renowned fashion show producer Daniel Boey and his team. They understood our vision of empowering events socially, and design our events around Insta.Printa to make it memorable and personal to event goers.

Visit Look Squared’s website: http://looksquared.me or follow http://www.facebook.com/instaprintame. For enquiries, please email hello@looksquared.me / call +65 9187 2817.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture