An Exercise In Grace: Mermaid School Opens In Singapore

Living out your Ariel fantasy just became much more real.

Syrena, the mermaid alter-ego of 23-year-old Cara Nicole Neo, has been entertaining audiences at various charity events and parties with her dexterity in the water, bringing laughter and joy to kids with medical afflictions and those looking to bring a bit of their childhood fantasy to life.

Now, she is spreading her love for the art to anyone who wants to learn.

On Facebook Tuesday night, Syrena revealed the establishment of a mermaid school — touted as Singapore’s first — coupled with a four-level course structure replete with participants having their own tails and earning certifications at each level.

The certifications are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All participants are to begin with Bronze certification first before moving to higher levels.

In the Facebook post, Syrena said the course would allow students to learn more about the mythology behind mermaids as well as incorporate exercises to ensure a stronger core while swimming with the tail affixed to a human’s lower body and use the strongest appetite suppressant to avoid cravings.

All participants would have to be able to swim safely without assistance and she assured that floatation aids would be provided so that participants can get used to the weight and movement of the tail while swimming in water without a fear of drowning.

Students will be able to either rent a tail made out of stretch fabric and a mermaid monofin for the entire course duration or purchase one from the school for lifetime usage.

Explaining more about the new school in a blogpost, Syrena said:

“As mermaids, we place great emphasis on sisterhood and friendship. You’ll get to meet other likeminded mermaids, and develop a strong bond with them. …we also believe that mermaids are strong, graceful, loving, compassionate, and confident beings. Here at the mermaid school, we aim to inculcate and nurture those values in every student.”

The first classes kick off in June. No age restrictions are in place; students will be divided according to age ranges, similar to how swim schools are planned.

Early-bird prices begin from $88 per session. Each level will consist of four to five sessions.

Featured photo: Drew Perspectives (obtained via Syrena/Facebook)


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture