WhatsApp Goes Free (Again): 5 Things Singaporeans Can Do With That $1 Saved

Tremendous news for all cheapos out there – instant messaging platform WhatsApp has announced that it’ll revert to being a free app! Speaking at the Digital-Life-Design (DLD) Conference in Munich on Monday, founder Jan Kaum announced that the company is dropping the service’s annual subscription fee of $1 in an effort to remove the barriers some users faced while using the service.


Acquired by Facebook in February 2014, the messaging service boasts over 900 million users as of September 2015. It’s hard to believe that we actually used SMS as a means of communication (what about group texts?!), and it’s harder to believe that local telcos are still charging and/or putting a cap on the amount of SMS-es you can send in a month. While we’re up in the air with all this thinking, though, a nagging question remains…

What are we going to do with that extra $1 at the end of the year?

A little bit of nosing around some identical heartland malls later, we’ve found some things all Singaporeans can do with just $1 in their pocket.

1) “Acquire” A Trolley

Boon Lay Blk216 NTUC Trolleys (1)

It’s probably not legal, but that hasn’t stopped decades of aunties either. Very convenient for shameless market trips, reckless bumper cars, or as an alternative to pricey prams for parents of twins (or more).

We’re only kidding – please don’t do this. It’s a nightmare for the workers who have to bring these back.

2) Get An Apple Pie from McDonald’s


Who cares if it’s fried – apple is fruit! I mean… #EatClean right? It’s not the best apple pie in the world (or even in any 10km radius) but it isn’t half bad either.

3) Visit A Repulsive Public Restroom A Few Times


Usually the last resort for Singaporeans, the public restroom (can we just call it a toilet because there’s no way we can beautify this) is looked down upon by everyone except those who just happen to really really need it.

Instead of going in and out a few times pointlessly, make the cleaner’s day by tipping them the dollar.

4) Share A Snack From Daiso With Someone Else


These are pretty damn awesome. But let’s face it: there’s no way you can leave a Daiso outlet with just one purchase.

5) Be A Mini-Philanthropist


Perhaps the best option here, put your dollar (or more) to good use by donating it to a local charity of your choice! Giving.sg is a portal with a searchable database of 376 non-profit organisations in Singapore. With a few clicks, you can make a donation completely online through your credit card. Feeling like Bill Gates has never been easier.

Want to do more? The site also directs you to a list of organisations where you can pledge your time as a volunteer.

So, what will you do with your $1?


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