Coca-Cola and Win Metawin Serve Up a Slice of Togetherness

Coca-Cola and their ASEAN Brand Ambassador, the enigmatic Win Metawin, have at last revealed their heartwarming online film as part of their collaborative project titled ‘Recipe for Magic’.

The campaign featuring Win Metawin isn’t just a marketing endeavor; it’s an invitation for the youth to celebrate the magic of life’s simplest and most heartfelt moments. It’s a campaign that resonates with their values, desires, and aspirations, creating a space where they can find a sense of belonging, positivity, and inspiration.

“Our ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign aims to preserve those precious moments of connection. With Win’s inherent warmth and energy, we hope that this experience encourages others to discover their own ‘recipe for magic’, transforming mealtimes into invaluable memories.”

Baron Magtanong, Regional Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola

The heartwarming film emphasizes the significance of family mealtimes in creating and cherishing those special moments, even for a well-known Asian celebrity like Win. The story beautifully captures Win’s journey as he prepares a homemade pizza, starting from his exploration of supermarket aisles for inspiration and seeking cooking suggestions from his fans. The film reaches its pinnacle with a heartening family gathering, where slices of pizza and glasses of Coca-Cola take center stage, accompanied by laughter and affection.

When deciding what to cook, Win Metawin expressed his excitement about incorporating suggestions from his fans. He nostalgically recalls his strong association with Coca-Cola and pizza, sharing, “I have many fond memories of eagerly awaiting a pizza delivery with my siblings, all while sharing a Coke. So, when it came to the ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign, I eagerly embraced the chance to recreate those personal moments of happiness. Considering how Coca-Cola has been a part of numerous family occasions throughout my life, this campaign truly resonated with me.”

The process of working on the film set with his siblings became a cherished memory for Win, who remarked, “Having all my siblings on set was an invaluable experience, and it resulted in yet another unforgettable and cherished family moment, thanks to Coca-Cola.”

The ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign embodies the philosophy of ‘Real Magic’ promoted by Coca-Cola globally. This philosophy is rooted in the belief that whether it’s an ordinary day or a special occasion, moments can transform into magical and extraordinary experiences when they are shared. The essential ingredients for such magic are simple: good company, delicious food, and a refreshing, ice-cold Coca-Cola beverage.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture