Lee Jong-suk Hosts First Fan Meet in Singapore

Lee Jong-suk is widely recognized for his exceptional acting skills. He has portrayed a wide range of characters in various television dramas and films, earning critical acclaim for his performances. He has starred in several highly successful and popular television dramas. Some of his notable works include “School 2013,” “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “Pinocchio,” “W,” and “While You Were Sleeping.” These dramas have attracted a large following both in South Korea and internationally.

Korean entertainment, including K-dramas and K-pop, has gained popularity worldwide, and Singapore is no exception to this trend. Many Singaporeans may enjoy Lee Jong-suk’s work and appreciate his talent as an actor.

Prior to his foray as an actor, Lee Jong-suk started his career as a runway model, which has contributed to his overall success in the entertainment industry.

‘Dear. My With’ Fan Meet in Singapore Details
Date: 4 October 2023
Admission: VIP – $248, Cat 1 – $208, Cat 2 – $168, Cat 3 – $128
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Esplanade Theatre
Tickets can be found in this link.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture