Explore Otherworldly Paradigms at Sci-Fi Exhibition

The ArtScience Museum is set to unveil a fascinating new exhibition called “New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed” next month. This trailblazing exhibition will transport visitors to incredible new worlds and provide fresh perspectives on the science fiction genre, drawing inspiration from the rich history and culture of Asia.

In a departure from the traditionally male-dominated and Western-centric science fiction realm, “New Eden” celebrates diversity by showcasing how female artists from Asia are reimagining science fiction, dreamscapes, and fantastical realities in their artistic creations. The exhibition will shine a spotlight on the works of 24 Asian women artists and collectives, featuring renowned names in the global contemporary art scene, such as Mariko Mori, Cao Fei, Patty Chang, Sputniko!, Lee Bul, Shilpa Gupta and Anicka Yi.

The exhibition will comprise nearly 70 contemporary artworks, ancient artifacts, as well as Hollywood and Asian films. “New Eden” will take visitors on a unique journey through time and space, introducing them to captivating realms and exotic life forms. It will delve into popular Western science fiction concepts like parallel worlds, interstellar travel, and transcendence, which are deeply rooted in Asian philosophies and spirituality. Additionally, the exhibition will explore Asian mythologies and philosophies, including hybridity, mysticism, the transcendence of human limitations, and the enduring fascination with otherworldly paradises. By doing so, it will connect the dots between these distinct cultural traditions, suggesting that certain science fiction themes may have originated in Asia.

As part of the opening weekend, the exhibition will feature a range of public programs that allow visitors to delve deeper into the world of science fiction and engage more closely with the featured Asian women artists.

he Shrine, 2023 by Sputniko! and Napp Studio & Architects

On October 21st, the exhibition’s opening symposium will bring together artists like Sputniko!, Irene Agrivina, Debbie Ding, and other speakers to explore speculative futures and new worlds influenced by Asian mythologies. Throughout the exhibition’s run, the ArtScience Cinema will also present a curated film program titled “In Search of Tomorrow.” This program will also celebrate visions of the future through a selection of kitsch B-movies, beloved cult classics, and contemporary arthouse films that depict utopian and dystopian fantasies of life on Earth and beyond.

“New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed” is scheduled to be on display from October 21, 2023, to March 3, 2024. Tickets can be purchased at Marina Bay Sands box offices as well as online.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture