MGM Cotai brings Art-Tech to life with a Tribute to Hsiao Chin

The “To Infinity and Beyond” exhibition curated by Calvin Hui is a tribute to Hsiao Chin, one of the most significant Chinese artists of the past 60 years, who is known to integrate traditional Chinese heritage and philosophical concepts like Zen and Taoism, with the visual language of abstract art from the West.

Hsiao Chin is also famously known for exploring the “Circle of Life” through the Punto Movement, aiming to create an idealistic spiritual state of art. He was a pioneering artist who ventured to the West to discover the infinite aspects of life and the universe.

Guests of honor visited the “To Infinity and Beyond”, where Calvin Hui, curator of the exhibition, offered a guided tour to the guests and introduced to them Hsiao Chin’s world of art.

The exhibition follows an avant-garde and bold curatorial concept called “ART-TECH-TAINMENT” which blends art, technology, and entertainment to provide an immersive experience for the audience. This particular showcase signs a spotlight on Hsiao Chin’s masterpieces, including his first digital sculpture installation, panoramic cosmic art film, and virtual reality artworks. By combining art and technology, as well as tradition and innovation, the exhibition takes the audience on a journey of universal energy and inspiration.

The exhibition which is held in Macao from now till 24 September 2023, is organized into eight zones, resembling the shape of the number “8,” which symbolizes infinity.

Each zone represents a different aspect of Hsiao Chin’s art and explores themes such as the Circle of Life, Spiritual Journey in the Universe, Origin of Chi, Space Travel, Samantha’s Eternal Garden, The Artwork Exhibition, Beyond Infinity, and Digital Art Jamming at Lion Lobby. Together, these zones celebrate the everlasting energy and vitality of Hsiao Chin’s art and pay homage to his colorful and vibrant artistic life that reaches beyond infinity.

The “To Infinity and Beyond” exhibition not only showcases Hsiao Chin’s masterpieces but also aims to embrace the concept of the Art of Living by offering a lineup of cultural and creative gift products inspired by Hsiao Chin’s artwork. These products are designed with elements derived from his art, providing visitors and art enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to take home a piece of his creative spirit.

The cultural and creative gift products feature designs that incorporate Hsiao Chin’s artistic themes, styles, and symbols, allowing visitors to connect with his vision on a more personal level. By offering these products, the exhibition enables people to carry a tangible representation of Hsiao Chin’s art and philosophy beyond the confines of the gallery space.

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture