DPLMT on Urban Art misconceptions and painting for comma, at *SCAPE

As we transit into 2023 and take stock of the year, we pause and reflect on cultural shifts that have been impacted by the socio-political state of an endemic COVID-19 world. As artistic programs and events make a blazing comeback in Singapore, the arts and entertainment industry is witnessing the return of crowds.

In paying homage and spotlighting Singapore’s creative scene, *SCAPE has organised an upcoming festival – comma, celebrating dance, music and visual arts. 

We conversed with mural street art collective DPLMT on public misconception of urban art, developing a signature style, advice and what to expect from presentations of their work at comma,. 

Visual art collective DPLMT has collaborated with the likes of brands and organisations such as Skechers, Singapore Tourism Board, Meshminds and Ministry of Finance.

Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board

Most graffiti artists practice the art of letters and painting them as quickly as they can through tagging. Street art however is more intricate and detailed than tagging. Artists will create an artwork encapsulating the neighbourhood’s story. The art ranges from a tiny street corner wall, a trick-eye using street objects or a large whole side of the building wall,

Raihana a.k.a ARAIKREVA of DPLMT on the difference between graffiti and street art

A common misconception between graffiti art and street art is intention. Graffiti art traces back to the 60s and 70s in New York and involves tagging – explicit writing of the artist’s signature, pseudonym name or logo on a public surface. Whereas, street art is created for the purpose of beautifying and telling the story of a neighbourhood – a tool for highlighting culture and heritage and bridging the gap between people of different interests.

Society tends to respond positively with the greeting of a large, colourful and visually impactful piece when they see it. We use this to create conversations, opportunities and the ability to spread awareness.

DPLMT, formed in 2017 and consisting of a tight team of seven members, has established their signature style with the usage of bold lines, bright colours and lots of details. Their commissioned works have been conceptualised and crafted to tell a story in service and of value to their clients.

Skechers @ JEWEL

Having gone through it ourselves, beginners need to stay hungry and stay curious. When you surround yourself with positive and like-minded individuals, you will grow and gain so much experience. Collaborate and connect with as many people as you can, you will never know when that big break comes knocking at your door,

Raihana a.k.a ARAIKREVA of DPLMT on advice for beginners looking to enter the mural art scene

Festival-goers can expect to witness the portrayal of ‘explosiveness’ in DPLMT’s mural art to be exhibited at comma,. The street art will encompass youthful energy and youth as a state of mind, a paradigmatic representation of DPLMT’s ethos of being active, current and explorative of their art form.

Ultraman x Night Safari

comma, runs from 16 December 2022 to 15 January 2023. Engage in a wide variety of programs ranging from creative workshops, showcases and exhibitions spread across the mediums of dance, music and visual arts over a full month.

Full comma, program details and lineup can be found here.

This sponsored post is part of an ongoing collaboration with *SCAPE and reflects my personal opinion on the information provided.


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