NAFA Class of 2020: Handpicked Fashion Works by Graduating Students

Classes of 2020 have been subjected to offbeat graduation ceremonies this year, given the current circumstances—and in local arts institution Nanyang Academy of Fine Art’s (NAFA) case, a virtual showcase was in order.

Live-streamed online earlier this month, the dedicated students of NAFA’s Fashion Studies course had a chance to flaunt their handiwork in a Best Fashion Collections 2020 feature video as part of The eGrad Expectations 2020. Check out some of the highlights below and our picks from some of the top graduating students this year.

Huang Kaiying

Much of Kaiying’s personal taste is reflected within the medium of her work; an eyecatching piece that underscores immaculate detailing, print designs and a clean silhouette. The Fashion Design undergraduate reveals that the final piece was based on a literary work titled Cabinets De CuRioSités. Authored by French designer Thierry W. Despont, Cabinets De CuRioSités is an encyclopedic collection of installations from the renaissance that deals with contemporary art converged with antique furnishings and architecture. Kaiying has brought the term ‘Wunderkammer’ to life with her designs, reigniting the miracles of childhood, desire and fantasy.

Annie Chua

With three Star Awards under her the belt of her iconic pinafores, Annie Chua is no stranger to the fashion industry. The veteran designer has seen through costume stylings of countless variety programmes as Head Stylist and dressed prominent local celebrities the likes of Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

In “Conjoined”, Annie has engineered loosely tailored garments through employing the concepts of distortion, reshaping, reconstruction and overlay—sans any pretentious complexities. The result: Flattering pieces that exude a sense of freedom. Annie expresses that her collection stands for the perfection of the imperfections, breaking away from stereotypes, and using creative ways to turn “faults and errors” into distinctly unique and beautiful garments.

Ow Ze Fei

How do you turn your flaws into a symbol of acceptance? 

Growing up a victim of eczema, Ow Ze Fei recognises the emotional and mental tolls that come with chronic skin conditions. As part of “Skin-Me”, Ze Fei comes face-to-face with her personal demons—disorders that have been plaguing her life—and channels them into intricate designs. The focus of her shadowy piece is the bubble skirt, which incorporates prints inspired by none other than the raised blistering left behind by a bout of eczema or psoriasis.

Closing the final chapter as a Fashion Design diploma graduate, Ze Fei has found her voice in her experimentation with clothes. She finds that designing presents her with the opportunity to create differing, wearable personalities. As demonstrated in her final work, Ze Fei takes pride in connecting with people through her works. “I wanted to ‘beautify’ it so people with these skin disorders would look at their ‘flaws’ in a different light and realise that it’s what makes them unique.”

Kenneth Lee

Deftly stitching together the classic tale of Frankenstein,  Kenneth, through his collection of tastefully-pieced mismatched fabric in “Human Alterations”. As the narrative goes, he takes on the role of the story’s deranged antagonist with a God-complex, quelling his desires to create under the guise of humanity’s betterment. The franken-line considers present-day society’s stance on aesthetic procedures to feed unrealistic beauty standards—truly, how different are we as a society compared to Victor Frankenstein?

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is proud to present The eGrad Expectations, a virtual showcase held from 8 to 16 Jul 2020. More info here.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture