i Light Marina Bay: All About Beauty and Interactivity

After a lacklustre experience last year, i Light Marina Bay is here again – this time, with more promising experiences.  Be it family-friendly activities, workshops and grooving to the music beats with good eats, it seems like i Light is going out to cover all bases. Besides the usual favourites such as Uncle Ringo as well as the exchange for LED light bulbs, 20 sustainable light art installations are set to take centrestage.

Featuring homegrown artists as well as international works, it is an interesting mix that will accompany your walks from The Esplanade all the way to the ArtScience Museum. Most of the works have interactive qualities to them, which will inject a personalised and fun element to everybody’s experience. Beauty is also a major factor in this year’s works, so get ready to beat the crowd and Instagram your way through the showcase.

Here are works you definitely have to keep your eye out for.

i light darren

Horizontal Interference by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki (Poland)

Venue: Mist Walk, close to Marina Bay Sands

This work is simplicity without compromising artistic vision and audience interaction. Made out of colourful cords that connect to trees and its surrounding architecture, the work adapts to its site and renews itself at every presentation. Moving with the wind, it is stunning in the day as well as night.

The sounds that the work makes when a strong wind comes by, is a bonus experience.

i light darren

Moonflower by Lee Yun Qin (Singapore)

Venue: The Promontory

A full display of hundreds of flowers that glow in the dark, this is a sight to behold. With each flower running on its own solar-powered LED, every one takes on a life of their own. This work is in line with sustainable energy and the concept that art can live on, with 650 flowers have been adopted by the public.

Take a walk through this garden before they all go off to homes of their own.

i light darren

The Body of The Sea by Danny Rose Collective (France)

Venue: Merlion Park

One of the most technical pieces of work on show this year, this work requires 3D mapping to dress the entire Merlion. Appearing in matters found in the sea, such as shells and sea life, it literally places the statue in a new light. Beautiful with an accompaniment of music, it is best experienced close-by or if you are on a boat tour.

Being Singaporean, the statue might go forgotten on a daily basis but this work definitely sheds new light and gives it a fresh breath of air again.

i light darren

You Lookin’ At Me? by Tropism Art & Science Collective (Netherlands)

Venue: Waterfront Promenade

Though simple and strange, it is hard not to love this fun and interactive piece. Check out these giant glowing eyeballs that stare into space before snapping to attention at an approaching visitor. Notice how the iris starts getting skittish as more people come close, to “scare” off onlookers.

How does it feel like to be looked at instead?

i light darren

Hybycozo by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu (USA and Canada)

Venue: Esplanade Waterfront, beside Gluttons’ Bay

Using geometry, art, science and culture all in their work, these three sculptures presented are patterned tiles that casts shadows onto their streets. Together with colour-changing lights, it is a depiction of how all elements can come together and be beautiful. Mesmerising, and thoroughly breathtaking.

Do look out for the other works surrounding the entire area, such as Kaleidoscopic Monolith, Social Sparkles and Northern Lights.

i light darren

For more information on dining, festival hubs as well as activities throughout the month, check out the i Light Marina Bay website right here.

Photography credit: Darren ‘Merovign’ Tan

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture