Let's Get Back Together This 2016

With the never-ending discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) peers, and the recent Orlando shooting, it could not have been more apt to restage Let’s Get Back Together this year. As part of the Singapore Theatre Festival 2016, this testimonial theatre piece by Red Pill Productions is back with new cast members and an improved script.

Based on over 50 interviews conducted with individuals within the LGBT community from all walks of life, the play offers an insight to each of their realities. Be it hardship, empathy or love, all is stripped bare for everyone to see the trials and triumphs of grappling with faith, identity and acceptance.

The team seeks to question what it is like to be LGBT in a country such as Singapore, and if this place can truly be home to everyone. In that process of questioning, they hope to invite audience members to go through these stories and emerge with fresh perspectives and understanding.

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Let's Get Back Together 2014
Let’s Get Back Together 2014

First staged back in September 2014, it was met with overwhelming support as well as positive reviews. Held at the Drama Centre Black Box, the production was praised for its heartfelt stories as well as hitting audience members right in the gut with raw emotion throughout the piece.

This original work has also earned Red Pill Productions a name for themselves in producing daring pieces of work so early on in their career; making them promising and a company to look out for.

Now that two years have gone by, what more can we expect from this particular restaging?

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Besides financial support and the Lasalle Flexible Performance Space to play with, this theatre piece is back with a mix of new and original cast members. Seeing as this would affect the dynamics of the team, it will be interesting to see how the new cast works out and the new explorations that come up during the working process. After all, you may have the same characters but different actors would portray them with varied nuances.

The young team also had the privilege to receive guidance from W!LD RICE‘s resident playwright Alfian Sa’at. With professional help and new inputs, they have been able to push the potential of the script even further than before. We do not have any other information other than this, so this will be quite the surprise to discover.

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Besides, testimonial works such as this would never grow old. As a reflection of the world we live in and the many issues we face today as a society, the conversation of acceptance is never ending. It is a topic that we should keep talking about, and educating ourselves to keep progressing and not leave anybody behind.

So are you going to join in the conversation today?

Let’s Get Back Together

Date: 7 – 10 July 2016

Venue: Lasalle Flexible Performance Space

Admission: $35 (excluding Sistic handling fee)

MDA Rating: M18 (Homosexual Content)

Photography credits: Red Pill Productions

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