YouTube FanFest SG: Fangirl (And Fanboy) Game Strong

This might just be the coolest form of Internet addiction therapy.

The inaugural YouTube FanFest is back in their home country Singapore for its third year since 2013, having started in Singapore and since then expanding to Japan, India, Manila, Thailand, Australia and even Canada.

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This year’s show features a dynamic mix of over 30 widely popular music, comedy, and fashion content creators — the largest FanFest crew to date.

So what is YouTube FanFest all about? Simply put, it’s just an excuse for YouTube stars to meet their fans via an official event. These online celebrities have been working hard at creating meaningful content for us, and fans can now share in their love for what they do.

This year, the YouTube FanFest is back in Singapore with more YouTubers than ever, including new faces and a new format for a weekend of live shows, fireside chats, academies, creative workshops, Meet & Greets and a huge amount of fun in an exclusive, intimate setting.

At the press conference a day before the start of YouTube Fan Fest, we discuss the importance of the audience in making YouTube videos and ways to acquire youtube views. YouTube audiences are different from any other media audience, because they very actively engage with the content. Liking, sharing and commenting on social channels beyond YouTube is just an example of how far a single video on YouTube can travel.

YouTube FanFest Singapore 2015 is under the umbrella of “All That Matters”, better known as Music Matters Live. It takes place this weekend from 22 – 24 May, at venues across Singapore. For more information, please visit

Here is the full list of YouTubers starring at YouTube FanFest:

All India Bakchod (IN)
BB Tran (VN)
Benjamin Kheng (SG)
Bie The Ska (TH)
Bubzbeauty (HK)
Cheokboard Studios (SG)
Dee Kosh (SG)
DMingThing (MY)
Gentle Bones (SG)
Grizzle Grind Crew (SG)
Jakarta BeatBox (ID)
Jason Chen (US)
Jianhao Tan (SG)
JinnyBoyTV (MY)
Kurt Hugo Schneider (US)
Last Day Production (ID)
Macy Kate (US)
Munah & Hirzi (SG)
Naomi Neo (SG)
Night Owl Cinematics by Ryan Sylvia (SG)
Noah Yap (SG)
Paperbug TV (PH)
Pho Dac Biet (VN)
ShiGGa Shay (SG)
The Fung Brothers (US)
The Sam Willows (SG)
Tiffany Alvord (US)
Timothy De La Ghetto (US)
Tosh Rock (SG)
Tree Potatoes (SG)
Wah Banana (SG)
Wong Fu Productions (US)

The YouTube FanFest in Singapore is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board. Other event partners and details for ticketing can be found at

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture