Kamila Shamsie Doesn’t Want It To Be All About War

Growing up in Karachi just two years after the war, you could almost call Kamila Shamsie the contemporary counterpart of Salman Rushdie. After six books — including Orange Prize nominee Burnt Shadows — and a big dip in non-fiction, the Pakistani author cum Guardian columnist cum “feministic friend” is in Singapore to give her take on new beginnings, old colonies and chequered histories at the Singapore Writers Festival.

We managed to catch her in an exclusive discussion to find out more, including the dead author she would want to have dinner with and the three books we’ll find with her on a stranded island (hint: Shakespeare?!). We have our three favorite quotes from the interview; try and see if you can catch them in context!

  1. “It is like wanting to meet a duck because you like eating pâté.”
  2. “It is as different to me as swimming and walking… I walk a lot more.”
  3. “I have to sit down with a hot drink.”

Listen to our chat below:

Singapore Writers Festival 2014 is happening now till 9 Nov 2014! For more information on the ticketing, do check out their website here.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture