MTV Movie Awards 2014: 7 Things We’re Excited About

Golden popcorns and quirky categories. These are a few things you’ll find at the MTV Movie Awards. Coming to you live from the Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater, the show is but a few days away from us. And amid the buzz about “Best Shirtless Performances” and “#WTF Moments”, rumour has it that this year will be a history-maker. We bring you up to speed with seven things we’re looking forward to:

Photo credit: Getty Images/MTV

#1: Conan O’Brien is hosting! Hilarious, iconic and with over 20 years of late-night shows under his belt, Conan is facing great expectations from fans worldwide. His opening sequence has even been said to be a “game-changer” and “one that people talk about” (as described to MTV by the Awards’ executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic).

#2: The fiery set. When I say fiery, I mean literal fire, pyrotechnics and the works. Not a tiny candle, but a blazing explosion. Need I say more?

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

#3: The exclusive sneak peek of The Fault in Our Stars. Attention Nerdfighters! You might have seen the official trailer to the said movie, which is based on John Green’s tear-jerking novel. Well, get ready for more.

Set to be broadcasted during the Movie Awards’ pre-show, co-stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort will be presenting a preview of the first completed scene from The Fault in Our Stars. Excited yet?

#4: Channing Tatum winning the Trailblazer Award. Introduced a mere two years ago, the Trailblazer award has seen a streak of recipients bearing a few similarities, especially in terms of gender and first names. I’m speaking of Emma Stone and Emma Watson. Here to break the chain as the first male award winner is Channing Tatum, the beefiest one of all.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

#5: Jennifer Aniston’s shirtless nomination. If she ends up taking the award, she’d be making major MTV history not only as the very first female to be nominated for the category, but also as the first-ever woman to win it. Paving the way for female domination!

#6: The Best Kiss Award. According to our calculations, there (keyword) might be a 60% chance of seeing an impromptu kiss between three people or two girls.

Threesomes: Courtesy of Spring Breakers (Ashley Benson, James Franco & Vanessa Hudgens) and We’re The Millers (Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston & Will Poulter). Girl-on-girl action: Courtesy of American Hustle (Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Adams).

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

#7: British eye-candies. This may seem a little off-topic, but I just had to. After all, Sam Claflin and Orlando Bloom are both up for two golden popcorns for their portrayals in The Hunger Games and The Hobbit respectively. Not to mention, Kick-Ass’ Aaron Johnson will be presenting an award.

And to top it all off, our favourite Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated for Best Villain as Khan in Star Trek into Darkness. Hopefully, we’ll catch a glimpse of his chiselled cheekbones or witness another one of his red carpet photobombing moments.

The MTV Movie Awards 2014 airs live on Monday, 14 April at 9am (pre-shows at 8:30am) and 9pm for the encores.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture