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Korean Designer Eunae Cho Wants You to Express your Beauty Joyfully

Known for her clever mix of original illustrations and prints, South Korean fashion designer Eunae Cho from label Ti:baeg (pronounced: tea-bag), wants to add touches of lightness and colour to women’s wardrobes.

“Ti:baeg was launched in 2011 as a t-shirt project, and debuted as a Generation Next designer at F/W Seoul Fashion Week in 2013, showing off its unique graphic romantic look,” explains founder and designer Eunae Cho. 

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Designer Eunae Cho

“The concept started with a tea that I like. I also like to brew tea leaves and drink them, but only when a tea bag that can be enjoyed easily is put in the water, can the scent and colour spread out and make that wonderful tea. 

“I hope my clothes are the same. Each season, they introduce a new collection with a different theme, but they pursue the beauty of ‘Ti:baeg’ that is completed only when they are worn like tea bags, and clothes then make the wearer stand out.

“I want our customers to be able to express their beauty, healthily and joyfully by wearing Ti:baeg. I want to make designs that make the wearer happy, and more beautiful.”

Uniquely creative fabrics

The brand is known for its unique prints that Eunae designs herself based on her illustrations. She says that she is inspired by “everything I enjoy and touch”. 

“Everything that talks about the value, that connects tradition and the present, things that remain unchanged and beautiful over a long time, and things that are considered beautiful are important drivers of our design,” says Eunae.

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“And the stories about the things I love and the people I love also become an important Inspiration for the brand. Whatever the theme is, everyone who experiences it will feel warmth and love.”

Another one of Ti:baeg’s unique points is the use of transparency in the fabrics Eunae works with. According to Eunae these types of fabrics have a link to Korean traditional clothing.

My favourite piece is the ‘Floral Jumper’, an organza jumper with flower embroidery, from the SS18 collection was shown on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, right after I gave birth to my daughter.

I designed it happily with the feeling of a new beginning and it was the most beloved piece from that collection.

Eunae Cho

“I like the texture of organza. It’s a very traditional-like material reminiscent of traditional Hanbok; but I find it fun to unravel it [and redesign it in a] modern and contemporary casual manner,” she explains. 

“And I like the layering of the lining collar under the sheer material and the subtly overlapping colour. Like the colour of tea, it changes over time and with light. I think it’s not a standardised material, but a special material that makes the design lively and dreamy.”

The link to her Korean heritage continues in the way Eunae incorporates additional embellishments and hardware into her pieces.

“The materials and decorations are all made in Korea. Motifs are made by drawing or designing by me, and decorative samples are made by hand, but the majority of the items are mostly made by other people’s hands or mechanical processes. The Ti:baeg prints are also made by me and are unique to Ti:baeg.”

Responsibility for the next generation

Anyone involved in the fashion industry is aware of the issues surrounding sustainability and ethical production and over-consumption. Eunae is aware of this, and the irony of being a fashion brand.

“I think it is ironic to talk about sustainability in the industry of fashion, but it is clear that efforts should be made. I have a responsibility towards the next generation and I understand women’s desire to look beautiful and make clothes that can be enjoyed for a long time,” Eunae explains. “[Fashion] is not just for a season, it can be loved for a long time and it should be about making clothes of good quality.”

“In addition, Ti:baeg has been using recycled polyester since the 2019 S/S season, and now twe are especially using the representative signature Mikado products that are certified recycled polyester. For leather and fur I also use vegan materials in Ti:baeg, and the dyes I use are also eco-friendly dyes. [When our brand] received the 2020 Brand Quality Awards it was also awarded in recognition of our sustainability efforts,” says Eunae.

“Increasingly, many materials are being changed to eco-friendly ones, and we are paying attention not only to clothes but also to tags and packaging materials. I think sustainable fashion is not a marketing issue, but something that all brands should truly strive for.”

“Ti:baeg is not a fast fashion company that can no longer be worn [only in a particular] season, burning away last season’s inventory or selling it off at a big bargain price. We produce the right amount of products for the season and predict demand,” Eunae points out. 

“Fashion brands naturally produce new products every season according to the trend, but the ones we produce can be enjoyed for a long time regardless of the season and are beautiful and practical so that they can be used in various ways.”

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