Exceptional Gifts that Speak to the Creative Soul

From unforgettable experiences that create lasting memories to clothing that enhances one’s wardrobe, the spectrum of gifts this season is diverse. Whether through trendy travel accessories, timeless clothing to express personal style and precious experiences, we consider effortlessly thoughtful gifts designed to bring joy to everyone on your list.

Popspoken rounds up some of the options for gifting to make this Christmas season truly special. We pick the brains of some of the most talented creatives on holiday collaborations, to get all warmed up for the season of gifting, that will add that extra touch of elegance to your festive celebrations.

Levi’s Singapore: Handcrafted Christmas Collaboration

Unleash your inner artistic spirit with Levi’s collaboration with three Singaporean creatives, Oak & Bindi and Lovage & Kenneth. Meticulously crafted Levi’s for the Holidays pieces, inspired by the vibrancy of Levi’s Christmas collection and its unique eccentricities, these creatives have added joy and uniqueness to festive fashion. Particularly for Tiffany (Lovage) and Kenneth, their collaborative dynamic has added to a “delightful sense of fun and lightheartedness”.

Oak & Bindi’s Lydia Yang is intended to “bring some form of happiness and joy to the recipient/viewer”, hence was overjoyed when Levis’ approached her for the collaboration. She further hopes that “the pieces make the wearer feel special as each piece is uniquely hand-painted with love!”

“It is better to give than to receive.”

Lydia Yang of Oak & Bindi

Popspoken: How do you think the style in the 70s is relevant to today?

Tiffany: Fashion always comes full circle and often makes comebacks, reinterpreted with a contemporary touch, showcasing both old, new and the individualistic and continues to inspire today’s trends.

Popspoken: Tell us more about your process of co-creating with Tiffany (Lovage)?

Kenneth: Collaborating with Tiffany has been an enriching journey, especially since embarking on our first major project post-COVID. The synergy in our artistic styles has naturally evolved through shared exploration and ongoing communication about work, art, and life.

Spending considerable time together has allowed us to seamlessly integrate our creative approaches across various projects. Our shared appreciation for similar artistic elements enhances the cohesiveness of our work. However, in the rare instance of a creative difference, I willingly let Tiffany take the lead because, as the saying goes, ‘happy wife equals happy life.’ It’s a dynamic collaboration that blends individual strengths into a harmonious creative expression.

Tiffany and Kenneth in their customized Levi’s

Popspoken: Any New Year or Christmas fashion gifting ideas to share this holiday season, or how you would incorporate Levi’s into your daily fashion style?

Kenneth: When it comes to holiday gifting, you can never go wrong with the timeless appeal of jeans and denim. Their enduring style makes them a fantastic and versatile choice. Personally, I find Levi’s to be an excellent gifting idea, as they not only embody this timeless quality but also offer incredible versatility.

One of my favourite Levi’s pieces is a stylish kimono that has become a staple in my wardrobe. Its versatility is unmatched—I can effortlessly incorporate it into my daily attire for a touch of casual warmth on colder days. But what truly sets it apart is its ability to transition seamlessly into more formal occasions. Paired with a sleek outfit, the Levi’s kimono adds a touch of sophistication, making it my go-to choice for both casual and dressier events. This holiday season, consider the gift of timeless style with Levi’s, a present that effortlessly combines fashion and functionality.

Taste and Functionality: Samsonite x Maison Kitsuné Collection

Elevate the journeys of your creative friends with the Samsonite x Maison Kitsuné collaboration. This exclusive collection seamlessly blends fashion and functionality, featuring luggage and lifestyle bags with Maison Kitsuné’s signature “Camo Fox” print on a classic black and white base.

The pieces embody sophistication, durability, and Maison Kitsuné’s unique style, making them the perfect travel companions for individuals who appreciate premium quality and design.

Shop the collection here, or at Samsonite outlets islandwide.

A Novel Encounter: Personalized Moleskine Notebooks

Accidental creative, Adam Tie, resident live-writing poet of The Novel Encounter, custom apparel artist and creator of conversation card game Inside Thoughts, has always seen writing in ink as a way to connect meaningfully with others. It is befitting of his recent project with lasting, premium Moleskine notebooks, in which he is “using sincere words to inspire and also work as catharsis.”

We believe that each personalised gift is a testament to the unique narrative that adds richness and meaning to our lives. It is not just a gift but the thoughtful process of crafting a piece of art that resonates with the recipient. In the realm of creativity, customised gift-giving conveys a language of emotions, connecting hearts through the power of individual expression.

Sally Koh, Moleskine (Head of South-East Asia and Oceania)
Adam dishing out poetry at Spectre

In fact, he scribbles in his Moleskine regularly as he prefers, “the act of writing down notes, to-do-lists & daily affirmations on pen and paper, as opposed to modern technological devices.”

Swing by Adam’s live station at Paragon on 9 December 2023 between 1 – 7pm and Changi Jewel on 15 December 2023 from 1 – 7pm, with complimentary customized quotes embossed with any purchase of a Moleskine notebook.

Christmas Cocktail Experience in Japan

A short sojourn away, with idyllic temperatures. Why not consider a trip to the intriguing Tokyo Confidential to create magical memories. The newly opened bar presents a festive celebration in Japan is named “Christmas Confidential” in collaboration with Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Running until December 30, this event transforms the Azabujuban bar’s 10th-floor roof into a holiday haven with stunning Tokyo Tower views, mini fireplaces, heated blankets, and festive décor. Founder Holly Graham and Head Bartender Wakana Murata have crafted four exclusive Christmas cocktails, blending Tokyo Confidential’s flair with nostalgic flavors.

The menu includes the Pandan Nog, Gingerbread Old Fashioned, Kentucky Coffee, and Vino Navidad. Additionally, the event features TCFC, a comfort dish by Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Calvert, offering fried chicken with ranch dip and house pickles. Simply decadent.

For an indulgent experience, guests can opt for a Champagne and caviar bump pairing at ¥15,000. With a minimum spend of ¥6,000 per person and a strict no-reservation policy.

Dive into the Legacy of Queen Beyonce at The Projector

“RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ” is not just a concert film, it is a celebration of artistry. Through meticulous storytelling and breathtaking visuals, the film captures the essence of Beyoncé’s commitment to her craft, highlighting her evolution as an artist and her dedication to creating a space of joy and freedom for her audience.

Beyond the film itself, the event promises an unforgettable night out. From the pre-screening cocktails and nibbles to the boisterous afterparty with drag queens, complete with a “Don’t Worry, Be Yonce Best Dressed Competition,” it is an e immersive experience designed for those who appreciate not just Beyoncé’s music but the entire spectacle of her artistry.

Get ready for a night of glamour, celebration, and the undeniable presence of Queen Bey.

The Projector starts screening “RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ” from 21 December to 31 December 2023, with a special afterparty happening on 22 December 2023.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture