Local fashion icon, Amos Ananda launches signature Noblige collection

Making waves on the cultural scene since the mid 2010s, Amos Ananda, born and bred Singaporean, had amalgamated various touch-points, ranging from music, pop-culture, hype art and toys through the years before working together with KFC, Shisiedo and more. This time, in anticipation of his collaboration with Maison Martell, he has spent the last two years brainstorming before launching his new signature range, which represents the “audacious and electric energy” in the latest campaign Soar Beyond The Unexpected.

His latest collaboration takes stock of design trends, such as a camouflage prints, which is juxtaposed with lightning inspired graphics.

Popspoken: How did you develop your personal sense of style? Share with us one look when you first began your career in fashion and how it has evolved since. 

Amos: I remember when I was around 15 and when class ended, I would take the bus to town walking from shop to shop to study all the different designs. It felt like an extra curriculum activity. :) It would just be me admiring the garments without buying as I couldn’t afford it back then. It motivated me to one day create my own clothing line.

Fast forward many years later, I launched my career in fashion with a very similar street style vibe that I grew up wanting to be styled in.

And the evolution to present day style? I would say the DNA never changes. The only thing that comes with age is maturity. The present-day Amos as a creator is different from the 25years old me when I first started. My approach now to every collection is not just the design but also in giving it that soul, giving it that heart and a story encapsulated with my DNA style and identity.

Popspoken: You are considered one of the most talented local fashion icons. What are you looking forward to in 2023? 

Amos: Happiness. Having a passion for creativity is what keeps me going. Back creating on big scale project like this is what I love doing. That is happiness to me.  It feels like a bird shot by an arrow but survived, and given new wings to fly again. 

Obviously, many things have happened in the past few years in this unpredictable world that we are living in and no one can give a clear definition of why it happened. It is a cycle of life where whatever goes up has to eventually come down, or whatever goes down will eventually go up.  

I am fortunate enough to embrace both sides of the spectrum, which has taught me that through any negative situations we might be facing, it is important to find something positive out of it to overcome it successfully.

So, what should we do as humans? We might as well enjoy it and do our best all the time to live life with no regrets.

Popspoken: Tell us more about your collaboration with Martell and what were some of the most memorable aspects of your journey thus far. 

Amos: We had our first conversation back in 2021 and the vision has always been aligned. Two audacious forces –  we knew from that very first meeting, the outcome will be something big and beyond the expected. 

It is a rare opportunity to come by and with all the right timing and support and it only makes perfect sense to launch it with a massive event that has recently concluded. 

Every part of the collaborative journey has been memorable. I am very thankful to Martell for this opportunity to unleash my creativity, to push my limits and leave a legacy to inspire others.

I think the challenging part is how to encapsulate the statement of Martell’s “Soar beyond the expected” into the products. From the thought process, I coined the phrase” Powered by Audacity” and encapsulated the energy into the final products range that are not just visually distinct but also super wearable and relatable to our audience.

Amos Ananda

Popspoken: Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton, yay or nay, and why? 

Amos: Yay. It doesn’t just come overnight. She earned it. The years of dedication to her art has to be respected. 

I can also say the same for my collaboration with Martell. It has been a long journey with all the intense pressure to deliver because I am not only doing the design but also handling  the production of the collection. The years of hard work, dedication and sacrifices…. 

Popspoken: If you likened Martell’s brand image to a person, what would he be like? 

Amos: Someone who embodies an ethos of living life boldly, someone who is always positive to take the leap out of your comfort zone, and someone who “Believe, Dream, Create.”

Amos Ananda’s signature Noblige collection retails at Limited Edt. Discover interesting and creative individuals in our People section.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture