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Gift ideas for the mothers in your life

Flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed and a nice meal are not the only things you can provide to show your appreciation of the mothers in your life. A lovely piece of demi-fine jewellery, something that has meaning, that shows you truly understand her, a gift that will literally last forever … This is something every mother would appreciate. 

To make sure you don’t double up, or give your mum something she already has, check out these independent jewellery brands from around the region for some unique jewellery ideas, followed be some food treats for the Mothers in your life.


mother's day jewellery gift ideas CARRIE MAIN 1
Image: Carrie K Jewellery

One of Singapore’s top jewellery brands, Carrie K Jewellery offers a wide range of unique and beautifully made pieces from collections that tap into the region’s culture in clever and elegant ways. For Mother’s Day the perfect pieces come from the label’s iconic Code Collection. Based on the concept of Morse Code – where dots and dashes are used to create letters, and the letters are used to create words – the collection offers earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants that show the letters of names that are precious to you. You can choose the initials of all the kids, or spell out ‘M U M’ in diamonds set in precious metals – which you can also choose. This collection is a brilliant way to get a bespoke piece of jewellery without an enormous amount of hassle. 

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mother's day jewellery gift ideas THE JEWEL BOX 1
Image: The Jewel Box

One of Singapore’s top private jewellery ateliers, The Jewel Box is best known for its exquisite bespoke fine jewellery pieces. An insider’s secret, however, is that the brand also has a select range of ready-to-wear items that are perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. Their Delicate Diamonds collection includes semi-bespoke bangles, rings and pendants that are perfect for daily wear making them the ideal choice for mums who appreciate wearable quality jewellery. The Twinkling Ring has 1.67cts of diamonds stacked up in five bands of 18k white gold; the Simplex Bead Cuff is adjustable and made of 18k rose gold beads and 0.20ct diamonds; and the Nature’s Charm Pendant has 0.25ct diamonds, set in 18k white gold.

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mother's day jewellery gift ideas RISIS 1
Image: Risis

Another unique Singaporean jewellery brand, Risis was founded in 1976 when a young scientist worked out how to dip orchids into gold and create a perfect golden replica of the country’s national flower. Working with talented local artisans the brand has grown and developed into one of Singapore’s most popular jewellery labels. While the golden flowers remain central to the brand’s designs, there are some fabulous limited edition and collection pieces that are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. The Risis X Stolen collection is based on the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid and features the designs of Elyn Wong, one of the island’s top fashion designers – the Ear Cuff and Necklace are perfect if you want to make a statement; and the Risis X Laichan Ascocenda Orchid Bangle is just a stunning piece of jewellery.

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mother's day jewellery gift ideas TAMAS 1
Image: Tamas

This Thai jewellery brand is known for its work with coloured gemstones; the brighter the better. For mums who adore coloured jewellery – alongside a bit of diamond and gold bling – Tamas is a great option. The brand has a number of collections to choose from like the Radiant Collection which features coloured gems like ruby, sapphire and emerald in diamond and gold geometric yet delicate settings; or you can simply choose the ultimate cocktail ring from the High jewellery collection. Tamas is one of the few high jewellery brands that you can actually buy online; you can also buy loose gemstones – unset gems – and get them to create a custom piece of jewellery for you. 

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mother's day jewellery gift ideas TULOLA 1
Image: Tulola Designs

If your mother has a love for gold and unique designs check out the Bali-based jewellery brand Tulola Designs. Founded in 2007 by designer Sri Lucne Rusna, Franka Franklin-Makarim and actress Happy Salma, the brand is known for its unique gold dip technique which enables intricate details to shine. There is a strong link to traditional Indonesian artwork – particularly botanical carving – and lots of feminine features in the Tulola Designs’ pieces. The brand focuses on promoting and supporting traditional crafts and artisans – particularly women. There are so many beautiful, fabulous pieces to choose from for your mum, although some of the more intricate designs needed to be ordered in advance. Also, if you are looking for brooches, pins and hair accessories for Kain Kabaya, this is the place to go. 

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mother's day jewellery gift ideas YUKIMOTO 1
Image: Yukimoto

This Malaysian jewellery brand with the slightly Japanese sounding name, was founded by Michele Ong. Split between artisans in Malaysia and Japan, the brand handcrafts its pieces from semi-precious stones and metals for its signature ‘cute but stylish’ collections. The perfect pieces for a mum you love are from its Love Series which features fabulous bracelets with names like You & Me, Giving Love, and even Devil’s Love for those of you who were naughty kids. There is also the perfectly appropriate Familial Love Pendant in pink.

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Rose Mille Crêpes

Lady M elevates gifting with a Rose Mille crepe cake, which has their classically layered crepe cake embellished with rose petals on a decadent rose jelly. It is a perfect crowning delight. Add an Aromatic Flower Soap Box for $35 to spruce up your gift, which comes in intricate bloom soaps in pink and white, made with scented rose essential oils.

Free delivery for your orders above $200, which can be purchased here.


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts HUIJI

Want to ensure your mother’s health and fitness? Try one of Huiji’s special Mother’s Day tonic gift sets that feature supplements to boost her immune system made with 100% natural herbs and with no alcohol or added sugar. There are three different gift sets available ranging in price from $49.80 to $99.90, and include Huiji’s best-sellers like Huiji Waist Tonic, Huiji Canadian Ginseng Revitalising Tea and Huiji Fruity Lite.

Huiji’s Mother’s Day Bundles are available at


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts ICHIBAN

These fabulous Japanese cuisine restaurants all have special deals for Mother’s Day, with prices starting from $26.90, until 8 May 2022. Ichiban Boshi’s For Our Magnificent Mom Set ($27.90) includes sumptuous seafood, roast beef and a medley of appetisers, served alongside udon, chawanmushi and fruit. Ichiban Sushi’s Mother’s Day Special Set ($26.90) offers seafood, meat and vegetables, served with a side of chawanmushi and fruit. Until 19 June 2022, there are Parent’s Day special sets available from Shabu-Go and Yaki Yaki Bo. Shabu-Go’s Parent’s Day Special Shabu Set Menus (2 pax at $49.90, 4 pax at $109.90) features for a limited time only shark-fin melon soup base, together with seafood, meat and vegetables and a variety of in-house special dipping sauces. The  Yaki Yaki Bo (Sets below come with 2 free cups of ice cream) includes a Special Salmon Mentai & Teppan Meat Set ($45.90) – juicy meats topped with salmon mentai for a delicious pairing with garlic fried rice, chawanmushi and an array of vegetables; and the Seafood & Pork Tomahawk ($50.90) – grilled seafood and succulent pork together with garlic fried rice, chawanmushi and an array of vegetables.

For more information about Ichiban Boshi, go to; for Ichiban Sushi go to; for Shabu-Go go to; and for Yaki Yaki Bo go to


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts JOY LUCK

Gift your mother with a box of six egg tarts featuring two exciting and exclusive new flavours in Dark Chocolate and Ondeh-Ondeh until 31 May 2022. Other flavours include the popular Lychee Popping Joy Egg Tart, Collagen Egg Tart, and husbands can also indulge their wives with the fun and yummy Wife Pastry (Lou Po Beng). 

The Mother’s Day Gift Box of 6 Joyful Surprises at $13.80 (UP $15.80). The 2 new-flavoured egg tarts are exclusively available only in this Gift Box.


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts JUMBO

If seafood is your mother’s favourite food, check out Jumbo Seafood’s Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine and Zui Yu Xian Teochew Cuisine until 8 May 2022. These feasts have been designed to not only be tasty but to also have wellness benefits and include Braised Seafood with Sea Cucumber and Abalone, Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw & Conpoy, Live Australian Lobster Steamed with Black Garlic and favourites like Chilli Crab with Fried ‘Man Tou’. If Teochew tastes are more mum’s style, dine on dishes like Live Australian Lobster Steamed with Chinese Aged Wine, King Prawns Fried with Black Garlic, and classic dishes like Teochew Classic Platter and Braised Duck with Beancurd. The set menus are available for groups of four to 10 pax.

To see the complete menus and to book, go to 


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts PENANG

A special Mother’s Day feast for four people at Penang Culture is available until 22 May 2022, for dine-in, takeaway and delivery, and features a Deep Fried Seabass (choice of Cheong Cheng Style or Sweet and Sour Sauce), White Garlic Chicken Cutlet, Golden Salted Egg Prawns, Seafood Tom Yum Soup, Broccoli with Shiitake Mushrooms, four heart-shaped jelly, and fragrant steamed white rice. Dine-in and takeaway at $68.80 (UP $136) and Islandwide Delivery at $88.80 (UP $136).

Order the Penang Culture Mother’s Day Feast for Four at 


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts ROKU GIN

Roku Gin and Fanntasy – Fann Wong’s pastry brand – have come together to create an exclusive Raspberry Sakura Yogurt Tart ($58, 650g | $78) set. The pretty pink tart was inspired by the botanicals found in Roku Gin and includes a slightly tart yoghourt mousse with almond sponge and raspberry marmalade, all topped off with a Sakura glaze. Eat by itself or indulge with a glass of Roku Gin & Tonic. Enjoy both Raspberry Sakura Yoghourt Tart and Roku Gin (250ml) as a bundle set for $78 that also comprises four customised Roku coasters.

The Raspberry Sakura Yogurt Tart is available from Fanntasy at:


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts SWENSENS

The perfect last minute gift for mum, Swensen’s has two new yummy ice-cream cakes on offer. The new Ruby Rosette Ice Cream Cake ($49, 500g) is a mix of ruby chocolate and strawberry ice-cream; and the new Maple Love Ice Cream Cake ($59, 1kg) combines creamy male ice-cream and crunchy toasted walnuts in a cute ombre pink cake.

The new Mother’s Day cakes are available at all Swensen’s stores and for takeaway and delivery.


Singapore Mother's Day last minute food gifts YU NAN

Celebrate at Yun Nan with its special Mother’s Day Set Menu featuring some new dishes and a few of their limited time favourites. The special menu is only available for takeaway and delivery until 8 May 2022. There are six dishes that not only offer fabulous flavours but also healthy nourishment for the body. 

Mother’s Day Set Menu takeaway in-store at $118+ and island-wide delivery via from $128.

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